Kenny’s B-Day Project… OWNED.

MOOD: (Hooray)
Quote Of The Day: “What in the world could she possibly be so upset about? O_o” -Oranjuse

Today I started designing Kenny’s birthday graphic. Usually when I design, I have not a damn clue as to what I’m trying to do. It will come to me as I’m designing it. Ever since my “scarf project”, I’ve been thinking about all the things I can do for Kenny’s birthday. But regretfully due to many reasons that now just seem like excuses, none of those plans have seen through, and I’m down to just making a plain graphic again. Well, it won’t be “plain” per say of course, because it will be designed from scratch by me, and I would have put my heart and soul into it, but I wish I could do more. >_< I really wish I could have mailed him something, but that didn’t work out either, plus I don’t know what I could have mailed him. I wonder if knitting him a pair of swim trunks would be appropriate. O_o But anyways, at first I was getting a little stressed!! I kept thinking and designing, but I couldn’t tell if it was going anywhere. #ohboy But then it finally started to look like something was forming. This is kind of a big birthday since it’s the 30th, and I feel so bad that I can’t be there celebrating with him. So I wanted to put a lot of effort into this design. I wanted  to make him not feel depressed about getting older. I know he’s not really looking forward to it, cuz it means he’s no longer in his “twenties”! That’s a big deal!! I have been designing for the past 5 hours!! I feel like my eyeball is gonna fall out!! I didn’t want to wait til tomorrow to start designing cuz I figured it could take up to 2 days. Although I hate not finishing a design and picking it back up the next day, but I didn’t know how far I would get. Let me just tell you. Teddy bears are hard as shit to draw. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!! Lol. I’ve been drawing Kenny’s bear for like 3 hours now! *DIES*

We ended up making more progress than I thought and I’m freakin’ done!! So damn happy!! And I think it’s my best design thus far!! It’s way too cute. I can’t wait to show you guys! I’m gonna post it up Friday, on his birthday! So to celebrate the fact that I finished such an awesome design in less than a day, I’m gonna post up this, which I thought was too cute, and mildly funny. Enjoy, and Happy Hump Day! Yays!


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