Juse Down! Juse Down!!

MOOD: (Sick As A Mofo)
Quote Of The Day: “I think I must be dying.” -Oranjuse

[Back Track Post]

Literally last night I thought I was going to die. X____X;; for some reason, towards the end of the work day, I started feeling sick. I could feel my body get hot, and I didn’t know what was wrong. Was it cuz I dressed too lightly in the morning when it was still chilly? Ugh!! I hate this damn weather! Its chilly in the morning, yet is starting to get really hot in the afternoons!! I hate being over dressed, so I always end up being under dressed, and it means I have a permanent case of the sniffles. FML. -___-;; But this time it wasn’t even that. It was way worse!! I could feel my body getting more and more hot. I felt my own forehead and it was burning up. Good thing was I only about an hour away from getting off work.

The trouble started coming as I was driving home from work. I started to feel really nauseous and my body was on freakin’ fire!! I didn’t know how high of a fever I was running, but I could feel my legs get numb and I could barely alternate between the gas and brake pedal! OMFG. Traffic was also really bad. I couldn’t wait to get home. I felt so freakin’ weak! I knew I was about to come down with something really really serious. Finally I get home about 6:40pm, and almost having to crawl from out the car to the door. reason A greets me at the door, and all I could say to her is that I have to lie down like RIGHT NOW before I die!! She asked me what was wrong and I told her that I wasn’t feeling good, and was running a high fever. She felt my forehead and said that I was burning up! She gave me some meds to reduce my fever, and tucked me into bed. I told her if I don’t wake up myself, then don’t wake me up for dinner, I didn’t wanna eat and was quite frankly way too weak to even get back out of bed. My body felt hot, but at the same time I was so cold that I pulled all the covers over me, and I was shaking in bed. WTF!! I kept feeling like I wanted to throw up.

I slept from when I got home til about 12am. reason A woke me up to take more meds, and I drank some water. She insisted that I at least eat a little something, something but I felt sick to my stomach; the last thing I wanted to do was eat, and I was so sleepy and weak that I just wanted to sleep. I could feel myself burning up cuz I was so hot from my own fever, and from me being under the comforter, but the second I stuck my arm or foot out, I would feel a chill down my body and was so cold, I’d have to tuck myself back in. I kept waking up and falling back asleep. Sometime around 3am, I think I woke up and sent a text to Kenny, telling him I was sick. This morning, I insisted on going to work although I really was not in the condition to work. I dragged myself out of bed, and reason A made me breakfast but I didn’t take even a bite of it, cuz I knew I was going to throw it up cuz I threw up all the medicine. Reason A said that I’ll be sicker if I don’t eat, and I told her but I already threw up. She was like WTF did you throw up? You haven’t even eaten yet! I was like, er… I threw up pills and stomach juices. Eww. >_< I felt like asswipe!! reason A told me to either go in a few hours late or ask for the remainder of the day off and come home early. She said it was apparent I needed rest, and I had this horrible pale color to my face. Basically I looked sickly. @___@;; Actually this feeling is rather familiar. It felt like that time I had food poisoning 2 years ago from eggplants. But that took 3 days to recover from. I took 3 sick days, and almost died. That was super scary. But I hadn’t even ate anything, what the heck would I get food poisoning from??

I get to work, and have to lay my head down on the desk. People could tell I was sick. Kenny called me to ask me if I was ok, and apparently I was not. He said I should go to the doctor. Which I guess I should have, but I just don’t have money to be spending on some outrageous medical bill. Unless I’m on my last breath, I probably won’t go. *FAILS* Kenny gets online to keep me company and to comfort me, and he’s super worried. I told him I hadn’t ate anything, and he said that I’m never gonna get better that way! I told him I just don’t have cravings for anything, or food in general. He starts sending me pictures of White Cut Chicken. *HUBBY FAIL* I did get excited but didn’t feel hungry. After him sending me like 20 pictures of it, I did feel a little urge to eat. Kenny also insisted that I go home early and rest. Finally I couldn’t do it anymore and told them I was going home. It was about 1pm at this point. I had a rough drive home too. But I did make it home safely and ate half a bowl of rice and some chicken without throwing up. But I was completely full. This was my first time eating in more than 24 hours. I took some meds and went to bed again. I slept from like 3pm to 10pm. Kenny send me an email, telling me he’s worried about me. He also asked me if I saw a doctor yet, what did they say, and if I took meds yet. He said he feels anxious cuz he knows I need him now yet he’s not able to be by my side, and he hated himself for that. >_<

I woke up and ate a little bit of congee and went back to bed. I was just happy that I could keep anything down cuz regurgitating stomach fluids was just not pleasant. -__-;;


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