Daily Ponderable: Do You Have Bigger Nose Shit Than I Do? O_o

MOOD: (Hum…)
Quote Of The Day: “Just take a nose shit amount.” -Queenie

First off I’d like to say that Adele, as much as I’ve grown to love her, keeps coming on the station that my co-worker is playing and her songs are making me want to slit my own throat. Ugh. Secondly, I’d hate to admit, but every day this week, I have been drowning myself in a 32oz cup of Coke. This has got to be bad for me, but this is a rough month, and a good excuse to get my caffeine fix. >_> Though I am happy that the Bossman is not here and won’t come back probably til the end of the month, but I can’t help but to be stressed over so many things. My “soon to be laptop” that I am still in denial that I have to buy, my phone that refuses to charge and is due for an upgrade (but T-Mobile doesn’t have free upgrades anymore, FML.), the whole changing jobs thing, Kenny’s birthday next Friday, etc. Therefore I have an internal battle of wanting both the time to past by fast cuz I’m so freakin’ bored each day and can’t wait to go home, or for the time to pass slowly cuz passing fast means that the Bossman will be back in town. #screwme

Funny thing that happened today, my Intern Roger; who has been exiled to the MS branch for who the hell knows how long called me today. I do miss him dearly and I feel that I am somewhat handicapped without this annoying and witty intern. Boo!! #givemerogerback The funny part comes in when he calls and says “Hey! Let me talk to the dumbass…” And I paused and said “Which one?” ROFLMAO!! We both busted out laughing cuz we knew how true it was. Unfortuantely we have more than one dumbass at work, and if you don’t follow it with a name, I can’t identify which one you need to speak with. This is such a damn shame… SMH.

But anyhowtos; today I was watching a makeup guru video on YouTube, and as she was describing how much highlighter you should use, she described it as a “nose shit amount”. I busted out laughing. A while back, when I was still sending Runa “Random Facts Of The Day”, I sent her one telling her that “buttload” was an actual unit of measurement. That was damn fascinating!! All this time I thought that was just figurative speech. Come to find out its an actual form of measurement. It is actually used to measure liquid, and is exactly 126 gallons. #randomfact So when I saw the video, I was thinking hum… maybe “nose shit amount” is a legit form of measurement too. Lol!! Which brings me to my next ponderable. When I was a kid, I use to be envious of people with big eyes. I always thought that folks with big eyes got to see more, and that was unfair! Ahaha. #kidlogic The reason I thought this was cuz when I tried to open my small chinky eyes super wide, it felt like I was seeing more stuff around me!! But now that I think about it, it was probably just the after affect of my eyeball spazzing from “staring hard”. *EPIC FAIL* >_> But anyways. Everyone that I told this to, cracked the hell up. But at the time, I thought it made so much freakin’ sense!! Lol. I secretly held a grudge with reason A for limiting the amount of world I got to “see”. *DIES*

Ever since I was a kid, I would ask these inquisitive questions, or “retarded” ones as one may call them depending on who it is. Lol. I recall asking Kenny retarded questions such as “If I never grow my wisdom teeth, does that mean I won’t ever get wise?” Or “If cow dung can help fertilize veggies and make them grow, if we put it on our heads, will we grow more hair?? O_o” #stoplookingatmelikethat But he always seems to find a witty answer that shuts me up. Lol. So the question that suddenly popped in my head today was…

Do people with bigger noses have bigger boogers?!?

Like really, think about it. But then it leads me to so many more questions, if you have a bigger butt does that mean you take bigger shits? But that’s not necessarily true I guess cuz you could have a big butt but a small asshole. Hum… (*Seriously thinking about this question) But if you have a big nose with big nostrils, then do you have larger boogers?? The reason I ask this is cuz I think about it the opposite way. It wouldn’t make since for a person with a little button nose to have huge wads of booger right?? I mean, they can’t even dig it out!! So I always pictured people with button noses to have cutesy, cutesy boogers! ROFLMAO I can’t believe I wrote a legit blog post about boogers, FML. So yeah!! Can anyone with a big ass nose let me know if ya’ll have bigger boogers? O_o I’m genuinely curious. I can’t wait for Kenny’s answer to this theory I have when I ask him tomorrow. >_> #selfsabotage


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