Mondays Are Blah + Suffering Together

MOOD: (Blah)
Quote Of The Day: “You don’t understand Sandy, I was in there screaming bloody murder!” -Katie

Today is just flying by!! This is great since I freakin’ hate Mondays! Not only is it Monday, but its also a cloudy day. Noooz!! >_< I heard it was gonna rain all freakin’ week. Now that’s depressing. -___-;; So now with the whole daylight savings thing, me and Kenny’s schedule is thrown off course a little. He usually calls me around my 7:20ish a.m. Which would be his 8:20ish. He gets off work around 7pm, if he doesn’t have meetings, so that works out fine. Usually when he calls me, he’s having dinner or something. But now that we’re on a 12 hour difference, my 7:20am is his 7:20pm. Sometimes he’s not even off work yet!! Auhhh!! Like today, he didn’t call til 8am! *FAILS* But he just left work at that point. Damn these exploiters and the overtime hours. Blah! >_< That totally threw me off. We gotta find a better system now. Why do we even have daylight savings time?? It makes no sense to me. T____T;; I mean I guess the extra light in the evening might be kinda useful, but most countries don’t do it and they’re all fine! Ugh!

Over the weekend, I emailed all the pics and videos of Layla and Lawrence to Kenny. He was the one that insisted that I have to hurry up and go visit the babies before they turn a month old!! Lol. I know its cuz he wanted to see them and steal one technically >_> He actually wanted me to take lots of pictures holding the babies. He wanted to see me being “motherly” I told him to stop forcing me to be creepy with other people’s kids. Lol!! I told Kenny about Katie’s crazy experience while giving birth and he was freaked out too. O___O;; I told him that Katie almost broke Larry’s hand while she was screaming bloody murder in the delivery room, and then I boldly proceeded to ask Kenny if he was willing to come into the delivery room with me, and he said “Yes!!” But we already established that we don’t know which one of us is going to pass out first in there. Lol!! Now I second thought, I don’t know if me laying there with my legs spread eagle in all my glory popping babies out my vajayjay is how I want Kenny to remember me, but if I suffer, he’s gotta share in the experience too! Ahaha!! #failasacouple


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