Meet My New Niece And Nephew! Layla & Lawrence! ^^;

MOOD: (Kawaii)
Quote Of The Day: “Let me tell you, they may be babies, but they fart like a man!” -Katie

I had a crap load of dreams again last night!! What the heck! My brain is workin’ overtime! >_< I woke up around 9:30am, and called Kenny. Kenny called me last night as he was waiting in line at the hospital for Grandpa’s checkup. WTF, even Chinese hospitals are crowded. Kenny and Grandpa had to wait all morning to get him checked in and into a room. >_> This morning Kenny told me that he finally got Grandpa settled down, and I guess he’s gonna go back to check on Grandpa tomorrow. After I got off the phone with Kenny, I went back to sleep. Man! I was freakin’ knocked out!! I always sleep well after I talk to Kenny. I don’t know what it is, but it gives me a sense of security and I feel more at ease. I didn’t wake up til like 2pm. I got up, had a light breakfast. Yes I know people don’t have breakfast at 2pm. Shuddup. >_> And then I headed out. My plan was to go to Best Buy to look at laptops, and then head to MegaMart to pick up some groceries for reason A, and then go visit Katie and my new niece and nephew!! Woohoo!! I felt bad cuz I never visited her in the hospital when she was on bed rest for like 7 weeks. That’s cuz I’m not a hospital person. Unless its an immediate family, I just wanna let ya’ll know that if you end up in the hospital, I probably won’t go visit you either. >_> But now the babies are 3 weeks old and they haven’t seen their Auntie Juse yet!! Auhhh!! So it ended up that I didn’t go to Best Buy, and went straight to Katie’s house. I text her before I went to ask her what she was doing, she said “I’m pumping…” I was like oh dear. Ahaha!! She means pumping milk of course. I just thought she breast feed, but I guess everyone does it differently and she prefers to pump. So I told her I was coming over to visit. She said kool! I felt bad going there empty handed, so I asked her if she wanted any Wendy’s or Arby’s since I pass by both places on my way to her house. Which is literally like 5 minutes away. >_> I’m mad it took me this long to go see her. *FAILS* So she was like “OMFG!! Yes please! Wendy’s!! I want a spicy chicken sandwich!!” Lol. Poor girl probably hadn’t even had lunch yet and this was like 3 in the freakin’ afternoon. She was home by herself with the babies, cuz her parents were at the property, and so she couldn’t really leave to get food. She had to keep an eye on the babies. Thank God Oranjuse comes to the rescue!! Lol. So I stopped by Wendy’s and got her lunch and myself some lunch too cuz watching just her eat would be weird. Lol. I was so lucky! When I got there the babies were awake!! Tanya had visited them on Wednesday I believe and they were napping so she couldn’t disturb them. But when I got there, both were wide awake so I got to hold them, and play with them!! They were the cutest little things! And when I say little, they were tiny. I’ve never held babies that small. I was kinda scared, cuz their body was light and their big head was heavy. Lol!! I wanted to make sure I gave their head enough support, I know babies can’t support their own heads. *BABY FAIL* They were both really calm, and neither one of them cried or fussed or anything!! Too freakin’ cute! I started takin’ pics and videos, but  me and my retarded butt forgot to charge my camera the night before, so I didn’t get many pictures in before my camera died. *AUNTIE FAIL*

Next time I go visit them, I need to take a pic of both of them in my arms! One on each side!! I’ve always wanted to do that with twins! Lol. The good thing is they look nothing alike so I can tell them apart easily. I told Katie she is really lucky that she got a boy and a girl, that way she knocked them both out and don’t ever have to go through that pain anymore. How about Katie was telling me about the whole giving birth part, and she told me her epidural failed, so she was freakin’ awake during her c-section!! Auhhh!! Not only was she awake during her c-section but her anesthesia didn’t work and she felt every cut made to her!! It sounds like a freakin’ horror movie!! Auhh!! I could only imagine how it feels to be in surgery and being awake for the whole freakin’ thing and watching them and feeling them cut into you!! I would literally die from either pain or shock!! She said when they pulled the babies out of her stomach, she felt so much pressure, like a big car just ran over her! OMFG… After hearing that my ass doesn’t not want to give birth!! Even with this, she felt lucky, cuz she didn’t give birth the normal way via her birth canal, cuz many women with small hips and big babies experience a lot of tearing down there, and they more than likely would have to get stitches anyway, plus your pelvic bones have to literally expand and even reason A told me, the pain of feeling your bones split apart made her want to jump out the window to her death. X_____X;;  Katie was holding the baby’s daddy’s hand the whole time, and by the time she finished giving birth, he was basically handicapped cuz she broke his hand. Ahaha!!

Later in the afternoon, the babies were starting to get a little fussy. I think they needed a nap, they had been awake playing for a long time. Right then, the baby’s daddy called Katie. How about he fell asleep on the phone while talkin’ to her. Lol!! Probably cuz he just got off work and was knocked out. Katie didn’t hang up. She said they do that all the time, and she just listens to him snore on the phone. *FAILS* Well, since the babies were being fussy, Katie put Larry on speaker and let the babies listen to their daddy snoring and how about both of them stopped crying!! WTF!! It was freakin’ hilarious!! And the funny part was I could see little Layla sucking on her pacifier, and then pausing to listen very very carefully to the phone and then stopped crying. Ahaha!! I asked Katie what the heck was up with that!! She said its cuz they recognize their daddy’s snoring and feel comforted by it. ROFLMAO!! Snoring?? Being comforting?? Guess there’s a first for everything! Katie said cuz when they were still in the womb, they use to hear his snoring all the time, so it’s a very soothing sound for them. @____@;; Well alrighty then. Lol. After the babies fell asleep, I told Katie I had to go. I was making a run to the grocery store. After I left MegaMart, it was already starting to get dark, so I didn’t end up going to Best Buy. Booo!! It was okay I guess cuz I hate going there anyways, their customer service sucks. Blah!! >_< But I need to look at laptops. Noooo!! >_<


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