Free Round Of Wifi For Everyone!!

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I thought since I didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night that I would do better tonight. Uh, that would be no. Not sure what the problem is. I keep dreaming that I’m still workin’ at OMX. I have these dreams quite often. I wonder if that mean subconsciously I still wanna work there?? Or is that job from my past haunting me?? *FAILS* If they paid me correctly, I probably wouldn’t mind going back. >_> #not I spent the whole day playing with the laptop. Well I wouldn’t say playing, but I was really installing software and what not. What I can say is the screen on this laptop sucks ass and the colors are dull. This is not good considering I had high regards for Toshiba until now. I need a computer or laptop that has good graphics, a good monitor with bright and vivid colors. It is hard to do design if I’m not seeing my colors accurately! I need a monitor that will reflect colors as real as possible, so that I don’t have a heart attack when I go print it and realize it’s completely different. @____@;;

Another contemplation I have is, before I didn’t have wireless at home. Since I only had a desktop, I just hooked it up with a Ethernet, and didn’t worry about it. But now that I have a laptop, I kinda need wireless or it would defeat the purpose of having a laptop. >_> But my modem is so old, I thought I had to go buy a wireless router. Then I talked to AT&T, and they said I should get a modem router and I wouldn’t have to deal with 2 machines, and just one. Fine. I really didn’t wanna spend $40 getting a router, or a modem router which was going to be $100. Well come to find out when me and Kenny tested it out yesterday, and I did a search for a wireless signal just for the hell of it, 5 popped up!! I was like whoa!! And one of them was unsecured. Jackpot!! Lol. So now I can get online without having to buy a new router or a new modem router!! Woohoo!!! I was so happy that I just saved myself like $100!! So for the past 2 days, I’ve been on the internet with this “stranger’s” wireless network. Thank you stranger!! Yes I am mooching off of a stranger’s internet service and lovin’ it. >_> So Kenny was like, who the heck still pays for internet?? There is like free wifi everywhere! Lol. I did think about it, and didn’t realize just how easy it really was, and that some people either don’t bother or don’t know how to secure their network. O____O;; I am super grateful since now I’m the beneficiary of said wifi. Lol!! So now I’m thinking, should I just cancel my home internet?? I mean, I’m not even using it right now!! That would mean I’d save another $50 a month!! But the downside of it is, since I’m mooching off of Mr. Stranger’s wifi, (probably my neighbor’s next door), then its not stable. What if one day it just disappears cuz he decides to secure it or something?? Then I’d have no internet, and have to pay to reset mine up, which they charge a fee for! That’s a hassle too. I think I’m gonna wait another couple of weeks, and see if his wifi is pretty stable. If it is, then next month I might consider canceling my internet and just permanently mooching off of his. Ahaha!!


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  1. MOST people have secured internet…I’m surprised that this “stranger” hasn’t secured it ye…I’m sure he’ll figure it out though…u might as well just keep ur internet b/c one day…he will secure it…its a matter of time…

  2. Wow!! Am I hearing you not in favor of takin’ advantage of something free?? The world must be coming to an end. Lol… XD

  3. I DONT always take advantage of free things…at least I never did till I started making my own money and supporting myself…I used to hate when people say “I love anything free!!” That was just so ghetto to me…and oh noz, I’ve officially fallen under the ghetto category 😦 so sad…

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