Twister, Meet Juse. Juse; Meet Twister. >_>

MOOD: (Scared)
Quote Of The Day: “I heard the tornado sirens in my neighborhood, and got freaked out. Weatherman said, if u have a helmet, then put it on. We don’t have any helmets at home. Reason A looked at me, and walked off. She came back, and handed me a wok. FML. X___X;;” -Oranjuse

[Back Track Post]

Dude!!! Last nights tornadoes were mad crazy!! I remember as a kid, we use to always have to do those damn tornado drills!! Yet I never heard of a tornado in my neighborhood! Lookin’ back at it now, that was definitely a blessing. When I was driving to go meet Earlene to get the laptop from her, it was already starting to get dark and really cloudy. I was listening to the news on the radio, and they said there was a huge tornado coming, it was going to pass by metro Atlanta, and everyone needs to take cover. But they always say that so I never thought anything of it. They did however say that it could be one of the strongest in recent years, and that freaked me out a little bit. >_> We didn’t eat dinner til about 9pm, and every channel was on the news and talkin’ about the tornadoes that were coming and some that were already here!! Then, while we were eating, I suddenly heard the sirens in my neighborhood go off!! Whoa!! I’ve never heard those in real life before other than when they are doing regularly scheduled tests!! I was starting to panic!!! Weatherman said put on a helmet and duck for cover! Nooo!!! We don’t have any helmets at home!! >_< reason A looked at me, and walked off. When she came back, she handed me a wok!! I was like WTF!! Lol. But this was not a funny matter, so we hurried off into my closet to hide! I think we stayed in the closet for like 3 minutes?? The sirens went off so we hurried back out to check the news!! Tornados were in Duluth!! Dude!! That’s like 2 streets away from me! You have got to be kidding me!! We continued to watch the news and finally around 11:30pm, we thought we were in the clear. So we decided to go to bed, but then it started to rain and storm like crazy! Nooo!!! >_< I hate thunder, and the thunder wasn’t even anything like just a loud bang, it was this huge, long and drawn out roar that shook the house. Super scary!! Thank goodness we have a brick house! I was freaked out for real. I think that was my first time hearing a real siren. I didn’t know what was more crazy, the fact that I heard a siren for the first time in my neighborhood, or that at that moment I was stuck in the closet with reason A, with a wok on my head. T_____T;; *FAILS* Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep last night. Ugh!! Then this morning I woke up super early. I wanted to play with the new laptop. Lol. Me and Kenny were on the phone, while he “dissected” the specs of the laptop. We concluded that I need something better. >_> Lol. I’m still grateful that she lent it to me cuz being computerless is not a feasible way of life. >_>


2 Responses

  1. HAHAHAHA, LOL!!!! That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!!! I’ve never heard of wearing helmets, and that sounds ridiculous, but to come back with a wok??? LOL…wayyy tooo funnyyy!!! Wok’s not even shallow enough to cover half the head…but I suppose that’ll work. I can’t wait to tell Steve the “joke.”

  2. Woman!! Helmets can save lives during a tornado!! Your head is the body part that needs the most protection!! Just think, you can live with just one arm or just one leg, but you cannot live without a head! And I guess most people have some sort of helmet at home, like for sports, but since we don’t have a guy in the house, we don’t have any type of sports equipment. Only a wok. *FAILS*

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