All Bad Things Must Come To An End.

MOOD: (Straight Face)
Quote Of The Day: “The day he says that to me will be the day I quit!” -Intern Roger

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Well TGIF folks!! I finally made it through another painful and pitiful week. Ugh. People must just think I have the most miserable life ever. *DIES* In all reality my life isn’t that bad, it’s just my job that is asswipe. -__-;; Today they made some announcements at work, that have help me make up my mind. It might actually have been the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Earlene was nice enough to lend me her laptop for right now, while I am still computer shopping. She has a brand new laptop that she got from school, but since she’s not very computer savvy, she doesn’t know how to set it up, therefore has kept it brand new in the box, sitting there collecting dust. When she heard my woes about Ella, she said, I can go ahead and use her laptop in the meantime. At first I was going to decline the offer. I am grateful that she thinks I’m trustworthy enough to lend me something as expensive as a new laptop, but at the same time, its inconvenient for me, because I don’t want to install all my personal design related softwares on her computer, then later have to go through all that hassle of uninstalling it before giving it back to her. But after the announcement at work today, I have decided to take her up on her offer, because I need a computer ASAP. One, I can get a feel for what kind of laptop I need, function wise, and two, is I need to work on my resume. I have an announcement of my own, and that is… Juse is going to quit. (End Quote).



2 Responses

  1. WAIT! You didnt disclose what the work announcement was?? And are you seriously going to quit?? And when???

  2. We didn’t officially get the announcement. We got a sneak peek of the announcement if that makes any sense. So I won’t officially know until the end of the month if they’re gonna go through with it or not, so I’m not going to talk about it, until they have made a decision. >_>

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