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Going To Le Cinema: EPIC FAIL. X__X;;

MOOD: (Pissed)
Quote Of The Day: “But damn it woman! You is not working with me! >_<” -Oranjuse

I just had the most EPIC FAIL ever yesterday!!! Ugh!! You know how I mentioned that I was going to go to watch The Hunger Games with reason A?? Fine, I admit it would probably be more enjoyable had I tried to go with someone that could comprehend the movie all by themselves. It was going to be a pain in the ass to translate all of that, considering how complex the plot was in a shortened movie format. But when I first started reading the book, I had told her about some of it, so she wasn’t completely clueless. I contemplated about taking her to go see The Lorax instead, since she likes watching animated films in the theater. >_> But that would mean I wouldn’t be able to watch The Hunger Games this week.

The reason I was wanting to take reason A is cuz she really doesn’t get out much. Ever since she stopped driving, she kinda just stays home and does nothing. Occasionally, she’ll go out grocery shopping with me, but that’s about only 10% of the time, because we rarely do grocery shopping on the weekends cuz its always so crowded, and it’s a hassle on the weekdays for me to get off work, drive all the way home, pick her up and then drive to the grocery store and drive back home again!! It’s also a waste of gas. Since I pass by so many grocery stores on my way home, I just always pick up groceries whenever traffic is light that evening coming back from work. Which means she almost never gets a chance to go out the house.

I don’t go anywhere on weekends, cuz work stresses and wears me out so much that I am a bum on weekends and all I do is eat and sleep. I use to take her to the mall on weekends, but I don’t even do that now. T_____T;; She is human!! She needs sunshine!! She needs fresh air!! I feel so bad that I can’t take her on vacations or traveling or even for a weekend get away! But guess what?? It’s hard enough as it is for me. Trying to do what I have to do to provide for my family, but I try not to complain about that part. I admit our lives are pretty boring. Other than me going to work and coming home, and her staying at home all the time, we basically don’t do anything.

Honestly the only time I ever go to the movies is when I have free tickets. Which actually, are pretty easy to come by apparently, as I have made evident with my 3 free pair of tickets. O_o So I am trying to go watch The Hunger Games. I’m excited, cuz it’s the first book I’ve finished from cover to cover in Lord knows how long. I decide to take reason A although like I mentioned before, this would be a hard movie for her to understand. Only cuz I want her to get out the house!! Go somewhere!! What does this damn woman do?? She chooses to go on a Friday night. If it was up to me, I’d go on the weekend, where we can pick whatever time we want. But no, she wants to go on a Friday night after I get off work. That’s kool too! Let’s do it. But we’re limited to our times, cuz she doesn’t want to catch anything too late. So we got a 7ish one, and an 8pm one. Then she tells me she wants to go get groceries before we go. REALLY?? Grocery shopping before a movie?? Weird!! Fine, whatever. I told her we gotta make it fast, or we’ll be late for the 8pm show. I didn’t get home ‘til 6:40pm. We’re rushing to MegaMart. Now what does this woman do?? She decides to take her sweet time browsing each aisle! Auhhhh!!! I’m trying to rush her and she’s not paying me any attention!! >_< (*Stab me please) We don’t get out the store til about 7:40pm!! Movie starts at 8:05pm!! So I’m rushing. Studio Movie Grill is like 14 miles away from where I was. I think I can make it in the nick of time. I rush, but there’s traffic!!! Holy mother of God!! The red lights take 46 hours to turn green. I wait, then I’m rushing, I’m totally speed demoning this shit!! Then I can’t find the place, cuz I’ve never been there before, and it was dark and raining. FML x 100!! Finally, its past 8pm, I give up. I’m really upset that she made us late, and I didn’t get to watch the movie last night!! OMFG!! Can the damn Chinese girl get a break here?? But how about she had the audacity to say “Ugh… Next time just don’t get these damn free movie tickets. It’s such a hassle.” I was like WTF did you just say?? Here I am trying to get you out the house to do normal people activities, and you’re not appreciating any of my efforts and you’re complaining about the fact that I am trying to in my own pathetic way, enrich your quality of life?? FML and YOURS!! X____X;; I was super upset! I was gonna yell at her and say “Screw you!! I’ll go watch it with someone else!!” But I didn’t. T_____T;; Why? Cuz the “Asian” switch in my head turned on. And Asian kids refrain from talkin’ back to their parents and being disrespectful. We’re not encouraged to speak our minds or stand our ground. I am a victim to this “Asian Style” of obedience. So I shut up and drive home. She makes tofu. Life is effin’ over. Kill me now. -____-;;

Happy B-Day Tanya & Tamika + Movies + Separation Anxiety A’La Hubby

MOOD: (Celebrating)
Quote Of The Day: “Haham actuakky he has veen. Hahaha.” -Joe

First of all its Friday. So definitely TGIF!! Lol. Secondly, today is Tanya’s and Tamika’s birthday!! Woohoo!!! As Oranjuse tradition, I will do a history of us. ^^; For those of you who don’t know. When it’s a friend’s birthday, I’ll usually do a “History of Us” post for that day. Let’s get started.

History of Tanya, Tamika, & I:
I met Tanya when I transferred to the Duluth, OMX like 5 or so years ago. Can’t really remember when. *FAIL* At the time, my old store manager Adrian from the Doraville store had transferred there. They were in need of an Impress person (printing department) so Adrian thought I would be a good fit. I was still going to school at the time, so couldn’t really do a full time job anyways, and we all like staying in our comfort zone, so I was like alright. At the time they had 2.5 people in their printing department. The supervisor at the time; Shakira, Tanya, and then there was Katie sometimes cuz she also worked as a cashier other times. When I went in to interview, Tanya wasn’t there. I think I met her on my first day of work though. She came in to do the afternoon shift, while I covered the middle shift between Shakira and Tanya. Basically I would be leaving out not long after Tanya came in.

Years later, Tanya told me that her first impression of me when she walked into the department and saw me standing there was “OMFG, they done did it now… she Asian. I bet she don’t speak English well. FML.” Ahahaha!!! I don’t blame her. I do look very Asian, with my eye and black hair. My first impression of her?? “Damn… She looks mean and hostile. O__O” ROFLMAO!! Cuz she had no smile on her face, she was wearing a bandana, and looked like she was ready to beat me up. *GULPS* I can’t remember if I said anything to her. Maybe I said hi? I was pretty comfortable with Shakira at that point, cuz she’s very easy going and very bubbly. Tanya didn’t say much to me as she was settling in for the day. I think she was just trying to refrain from having to communicate with a foreigner. *FAILS* Then something happened, and either the copier got jammed or something retarded happened, and I made a comment about it out loud, and Tanya turned to look at me like O_o??

Not only did I speak English with no accent at all, but I was ghetto as shit! Ahahaha!! She was like, well damn! She look Asian and talk Black?! Mind = Blown. O_O Ahahaha!! The 4 of us had a ball, because we were all retarded, all had a great sense of humor and all a hot mess basically!! Those were some good times. Although I was super stressed out while working there, but they totally made my life bearable. I always get Tanya’s opinion regarding everything. I call her my “life coach”. I hate taking her advice, yet I can’t keep myself from asking her for it!! *FAILS* She is brutally honest, and has no problem yelling at me or maybe even beating me up. We’ve been through a lot together although I haven’t known her for that long. One thing with Tanya is that we do not censor ourselves. She will tell me things in such detail that rated R, wouldn’t suffice. But its cuz we feel comfortable on that level. I often forget how old she is cuz she looks young. I always think she’s my age or just a couple of years older when in reality I think she’s 8 years older than me?? I forget every damn year how old she’s turning. *FAILS* But that is definitely my sister from another mother! I love her!! Happy Birthday Tanya!! Woohoo!!

Tamika is Tanya’s roommate. They have been roomies ever since I can remember. Not only have they been friends forever, but get this; how about they got the same damn birthday!! What are the chances of that??? I think at least 5 significant people in my life are Aries. Kenny, Tanya, Tamika, Aisha, and I’m sure there’s someone else I just can’t remember. *FAILS* Apparently I get along with Aries!! Lol. Tamika is like a motherly figure. She’s very poised and composed and usually very calm. Now when she gets upset, which I think I’ve only seen once really, she gets heated!! That shit be scary!! Lol.Tamika is also the responsible one. I remember when I was going through a rough time, they both took me out drinking, while Tanya is like “Eff this shit!!” Tamika was quietly consoling me. Lol. I heart Tamika cuz she’s the wise one! If its anything technical, I usually have to ask her. >_> Cuz if I ask Tanya, she’ll just cuss me out. *DIES* Happy Birthday Tamika!! Lol.

Today after work, me and reason A are going to go watch The Hunger Games!! Woohoo!! Although I’m like a whole freakin’ week late. It still takes a lot to drag me to the theater! Cuz I hate spending money on tickets and I’m just lazy. >_> #amenforfreestuff Bad thing is I have a lot of errands to run after work today too. Hopefully I’ll have time to do all that before the movie starts. I think I’m gonna try to make the 8pm show.

Last night was the first night Kenny was computerless. It was horrible!! I felt like I missed him so much. I have severe separation anxiety, and when I can’t get a hold of someone I’m trying to reach. I go into panic attack mode. I remember one time, I called Kenny in the morning when I just woke up. This was a Saturday I think. I had a dream about him, and when I woke up, I called him immediately cuz I needed to hear his voice and his phone was turned off!! Auhhhhh!!! I was freakin’ out!! He never turns off his phone!! I had a panic attack and started dialing his phone number back to back to back. I think I must have dialed it more than 20 times in less than 5 minutes. I was being the crazy ass b!tch that I knew I had potentialto be!! Lol. Finally I started crying! I don’t even know why! It was the separation anxiety kicking in!I felt like a kid who got lost in a store, and is looking around frantically for my mother but she is nowhere to be found! OMFG. So then 15 minutes later I called again and he picked up. I was yelling at him! Why did you turn your phone off! You’re not allowed to do that! What if I need you and I can’t find you?? He was like: @____@;; Then after he calmed me down, he told me he didn’t turn his phone off, he just forgot to charge it, and he was in the shower and the phone and died. *FAILS* Throws his phone out the damn window. >_< So yeah. This whole no computer thing is not sitting well with me at all. -__-;; (*With all due respect, stabs the cousin) >_> So yesterday Kenny was hanging out with the cousin again after work, and he called to wake me up as they were about to sit down for dinner. I heard him keep telling the cousin, “My wife says you owe her dinner, and you need to buy me dinner, and you need to buy me dinner for the rest of this month!” Ahaha!! He’s such an opportunist. Lol. The good thing is, he has to work this weekend. It’s a Chinese Holiday next Wednesday, so they’re gonna get Monday through Wednesday off, so to make up for it they are working the weekend. WTF is that?? But anyways, so he’ll be pretty occupied.

Later on, as he was heading home, he called again and we talked for a long time. Must have been like 30 or 40 minutes?? Long time considering I’m at work, and I was on the celly. Lol! But I didn’t give a damn!! Just like our accountant lady, Ms. Lee said, “If my daughter calls me international long distance from London, I don’t give a damn what I’m in the middle of, I stop and pick up!!” That’s how I feel about Kenny’s calls. Because we have the time difference and its international, I don’t want to miss his calls. If he was right around the corner, then I could just call him back. But he’s a gazillion miles away. >_< So I ran to the restroom. Thank goodness no one was there. But FML, cuz my co-workers probably think I have constipation like a mofo since I was in there so long! ROFLMAO!! *DIES* X______X;; #mypooisnotdry

Juse Confessions: Me. Peel. Orange. No…!!

MOOD: (Beaten Up)
Quote Of The Day: “Is that a naked orange?? Can you just buy them like that?? O_o” -Intern Emily

Ladies and gents, how do you know that you are loved? I know cuz they peel a damn orange for me!! Lol.

Tada!! Today reason A stuffed a little bowl in my bag, and when I went to open it during lunch time, I saw a perfectly peeled orange this is actually a tangerine, why the eff am I calling it an orange? >_> Now its confession time.

So everyone has something they don’t know how to do. In matter of fact, we probably have a ton that we don’t know how to do. I can name a handful off the top of my head! I don’t know how to swim, I don’t know how to ride a bike, I can’t touch my nose with my tongue, etc. You get the drift. >_> But I’m sure there are some uncommon ones as well right?? Like some guys don’t know how to tie a tie, or don’t know how to change a tire, and some girls don’t know how to cook, or to properly put on makeup. But these are all pretty common things relative to their genders right? Well is there something that you don’t know how to do that almost everyone your age is able to do? >_> So erm, yeah… I don’t know how to peel an orange. O__O;; #dontjudgeme Honestly I don’t know how to describe this phenom either, but it’s true. Now before you all give me the WTF look, let me “attempt” to explain it.

Ever since I was a kid, I was spoiled. Not in terms of lavish clothes and toys, I mean I was coddled. I am definitely not an advocator of coddling, cuz the results are always someone like me, who lacks in many life skills. As kids, it is pretty common for parents to peel our oranges for us, or to cut up our other fruits like watermelon or even apples. But there comes a time, where we venture out and learn things for ourselves, such as peeling an orange. >_> Ahem. But I never seemed to have mastered this life skill. Me and oranges do not get along. Sure I love the burst of sweet citrus goodness as you bite down into a slice of orange in your mouth, but the whole fighting with the peel to get to the sweet meat on the inside, is unbearable. I remember one time, when I was younger; I wanted an orange. There were plenty around the house, but reason A was way too busy to deal with me. I decided that today was going to be the day. I was gonna peel my own orange for the first time!! I picked a small one from the bunch and took it to the dining room table. I figured since I have smaller hands, then I best pick the one most suited for me. I remember reason A usually poking the top of the orange with a knife, to get the “peeling” process started. But when she didn’t have a knife, she would just stick her fingernail into the top of the orange and puncture it. I didn’t have any nails at the time, but I had the process down packed. I poked at the orange for a second, and realized that the skin was rather tough. Determined to get it right the first time, I decided to put all the might I had into my index finger used the wrong damn finger anyways. *FAILS* and poked the orange on the top! That folks, was the most painful stub ever!! It was like kicking something hard with your toe. >_< I got upset. WTF is wrong with you orange?? Let me eat you!! Arg!! So again I tried, this time holding the orange in one hand, and pointing dead at it with the finger of the other hand!! I go in for the kill!! And what happens??? (*Long pause… This is an intermission, you may get up now and either pee or get a sip of water.)

(*We’re back) I poke my whole freakin’ finger through the orange!! Auhhh!!! So here I am, small kid, orange hanging off of index finger, and hungry. *FAILS* This is how I felt. Lets illustrate:

So yeah. I attempted to peel it with the other hand, and failed epically because the peel came off in little flakes instead of large chunks like when reason A did it. When reason A came into the room, and saw the orange juice bath I was now soaking in, she was like “Aiya! You gotta peel it before you eat it!!” I was like FML!! That IS what I’m trying to do dear woman that gave birth to me!! Auhhh!! After that day, I never peeled my own oranges. -___-;; True story.

I admit, maybe at my age, this is a bit odd, but I refuse to believe I’m the only one that doesn’t peel their own oranges. O_o reason A has peeled oranges for me, Kenny has, my old Intern Kevin did, and Intern Roger has. I think that’s it. It’s not like I’m promiscuous with my orange peelers. So it’s ok right? >_> When Kenny first found this out, he was like “I’ll peel oranges for you for the rest of your life…” And I was like “Aww… he’s so sweet! I found my true love!” And then he busted out with “Unless you eat them every single day, 3 meals a day, then you’re on your own cuz I’m not peelin’ all that shit. >_>” And I was like U FAIL!! Lol. He always ruins the mood. (*Pokes the shit out of him!… Not literally though, cuz that’s kinda like eww. >_>)

Intern Roger calls it my  “handicap” cuz he said everyone knows how to do it, but I don’t. BUT!! To redeem myself a little bit. I do know how to do the other common things that I mentioned above like changing a flat tired (really just a car batter but close enough), properly put on make up, cook (kinda), and how to tie a tie (I really don’t but for the sake of argument I will say I do!) Lol. #dontjudge

Now I shall go devourer this orange until it is yummy in le tummy. Woohoo!!


I Know U Want Eggs On Bread! + The Cuz Robs Us + Sicky Joe

MOOD: (Like WTF)
Quote Of The Day: “I used my mouth, and then my mouth was numb.” -Joe

So this morning, I decided to get breakfast. I rarely get breakfast. Sometimes I’ll catch a bite to eat at home, and sometimes I just won’t eat anything at all. Well, this morning I felt like some McDonalds. Rarely do I ever eat there or eat a whole meal at that. Now how about the one damn day I decided to get the combo, they jack up my order. Now I know he knows what I said, cuz he repeated it to me. But shame on me that I didn’t check it while I was still in the drive thru, cuz I am aiming to get to work on time, so I just drove off. I usually eat it while I’m driving, so here I am about to dig in, and when I reached in to grab it, I could feel “ridges” on the bun part and knew my order got screwed. Cuz I ordered the McGriddle, which is flat like a pancake and doesn’t have ridges. I was like, fine! They gave me a biscuit instead. I’ll eat it. Whatever. But how about it wasn’t even a legit biscuit!! It was an egg biscuit!! FML x 100!! Who orders only an egg biscuit?? You would at least order a sausage one right?? Let’s take a look at the madness.

So this is what I ordered. As you can see; it is a McGriddle with the works. Now let’s see what crazy shit I got in the bag…

A biscuit with an egg on it!! DAFAQ is this?? No one eats just an egg on a biscuit free willingly!! That’s what the hell you do when someone steals your damn sausage or bacon!! Auhhh!! I was really upset. But it was way too late to turn back around cuz I was way down the street by this point. -___-;; #ifonlyicould But anyways, yeah. That’s how my morning got jacked up.

So today Kenny told me that the cousin wants to borrow his laptop for a few days. Nooooo!!! Does he not know that is like takin’ a kidney from me?? WTF I can still live with just one kidney. Maybe its like a lung or something. Yeah, cuz that’s how me and Kenny communicate!! Our only two forms of communication, well actually three if you wanna count video chatting. >_> But either it’s by phone or by computer!! How am I supposed to live days without talkin’ to Kenny online?? Auhhh!!! Kenny told the cousin, “I gotta talk to the wife every night. You trying to get me killed man!” The cousin said, “Well tell sis-in-law that I said please!!!!” *FAILS* Why are you on a business trip and not bring your laptop?? And the company put him in some five star hotel according to Kenny, and they don’t give you a laptop to do your work on?? *FAILS AGAIN* But I won’t talk bad about the cousin cuz I still heart him. Kenny said that when they get some time, he’ll go out with the cousin to computer shop, cuz he’s been meaning to get a new laptop anyways, and he’ll be able to get his laptop back when the cousin gets a new one. T____T;; When we logged off today, I was like noooooo!!! Lol. Kenny petted me and said he’ll try to get back his laptop as soon as he can. He treats me like a baby sometimes, and I love every second of it. Guess we’re gonna be blowing up the phone bill next week. *GULPS*

Joe was sick today, and didn’t go to class or maybe he did. But by the time I was talkin’ to him, he was in bed already. Poor guy. (*Pets him) I told him to stop walkin’ around butt ass naked while he’s at home alone! Ahaha. Even when he’s sick, he’s still crackin’ jokes and stuff. I am very thankful that I am always in good company. Hope he feels better soon.

The Cuz + Joe Joe + More Free Tix

MOOD: (Happy Dance)
Quote Of The Day: “But the bad thing is, after the Lunesta, I want to screw again. Ahahaha.” -Joe

I feel like the neglected and very much bitter wifey left at home when her hubby goes out to “hang with the boys”. Lol. In reality, Kenny’s cousin is in town and will be in town for the next 2 months working on a new training session at the bank. Before the cousin got married, they were best buddies. Kenny said that he was almost like his best friend. And probably closer to him than his actual little brother. *FAILS* But I guess that’s how it is right? I know a lot of people who are really close to their cousins. Well anyways, he got married at the end of 2010 I believe, and ever since then, they haven’t talked as much. Which is understandable. Most of the cousin’s time is now dedicated to the wifey, so Kenny gets the cold shoulder. Ahahaha. Well now I know how it feels, cuz the cousin is finally in town, so yesterday and today, they’ve been having dinner together and a few drinks afterwards. So he’s been coming home to me late. >_< I think they might go on every night for the next 2 months. FML. X____X;;

What I need to do is stop being so damn greedy and selfish and such a “Little Woman” as Chinese people like to refer to it as. Literally other than work and sleep, Kenny spends all of his awake time with me. Why am I complaining?? Lol. Actually I really like his cousin. I spoke with him on the phone on his wedding day, congratulating him, cuz Kenny was his best man, and he was so sweet! He kept calling me “Sis-in-law” and telling me that I had a such a cute voice. Lol!! Then he kept asking me when I was able to visit Canton, and he wants to make sure he gets a chance to take me out to dinner and hang out with me. (*Pets him). Actually all of Kenny’s family members are warm and inviting, but unfortunately I didn’t get to really see any of them other than Auntie when I went for my visit. >_< Ok, I’m digressing again. *FAILS* But my Pookie Bear seems to be in a pretty good mood these days, so that in itself makes me pretty happy. XD

I have been occupying my time recently with 2 endeavors. One, bonding with Joe, and two; looking up good deals or freebies online like the cheap ass Asian woman that I am deep down inside. Lol. (*Stares at Lili) >_> Let’s talk about Joe first. Yesterday I told Joe that I won free movie tickets to Studio Movie Grill, and he was like well yays! I told him I was going to go see The Hunger Games, and he laughed. He knew that I had been reading the book, although that’s not his thing particularly. Then I told him I wish I had more tickets, cuz I kinda wanted to go see The Lorax. And dude was like, “I don’t know what that is. >_>” WTF!! How can you not know!! Dude!! Here’s what it looks like:

It is only like the cutest thing ever, and not only do I love Dr. Seuss, but Lorax is freakin’ orange!!! How can you not love it?? Just lookin’ at him makes me freakin’ happy!!! Lets take another look!!

Not only is Lorax orange but everything else is freakin’ orange or is a bear!! How can you not love it?? OMFG. Do not make me drag you to go watch this with me Joe!! Lol. This would have happened last weekend, but it was Kenny and Joe’s dad’s birthday. *FAILS*

Anyways, so today I told Kenny to log into Facebook and stare at the damn clock so he can win tickets for me!! Poor guy was trying for 3 hours. So how about he ended up getting them too and now I have 3 pairs of tickets!! Muahaha. So where do the extra tickets come from you ask? O_o Well, cuz when Kenny was refreshing the page, it accidentally give him 2 different coupon codes. The rule is, you are only allowed one coupon code per Facebook account from now til May. That way everyone can only win once. But I guess it had a glitch in the system, and it popped up a coupon code for Kenny, I printed it, and when he hit refresh again, it popped up a new coupon code so I printed that too!! Folks!! That means I potentially have 6 free movie tickets!! Ahahaha.

SMG definitely gets Juse’s seal of approval!! So my plan is, to use that coupon first. The “mistake” one, cuz I’m sure that coupon code was assigned to someone else later, so I have to use it before they do. Lol. The other 2 coupons that stayed the same when I refreshed it, are mine to keep, so those will be fine. I can’t figure out a 3rd movie I wanna see though. I really just wanna see The Hunger Games, and The Lorax. Maybe I should save the other pair of tickets to go watch Titanic in 3D when it comes here, cuz reason A really wants to watch that. She always regretted not watching the 2D one in the theater, although we have the DVD at home. -___-;;

Free Dinner & A Movie!

MOOD: (Heck Yeah)
Quote Of The Day: “Don’t send a picture now cuz I’m in class and people will think I have a foot fetish.” -Joe

In a pretty foul mood this morning. I can’t tell if its cuz I laid in bed last night sleepless and restless or if it’s just a case of the “Monday Syndrome” again. Ugh. But my day made a sudden change when I was Facebook bored out my mind and browsing! I think the closest movie theater to me is Studio Movie Grill. I’m not sure if any of you have been there but basically it’s like a restaurant and movie theater all balled up in one! I believe this one opened up by where I live like a year and a half ago. I remember one time my intern gave me free passes but I never ended up using them. That was such a waste. Lets take a look at it shall we?

Supposedly it’s very nice. The seats are like leather office chairs so you can adjust your height. There are also tables and stuff for each seat, cuz you eat there. They have a full menu with alcoholic beverages and everything. Menu looks like an Applebee’s to me. Prices are about those prices too. Regular tickets I believe without assigned seating is like $9.00 which is pretty average I guess. Assigned seating which of course offers you the most optimal seats, are $12 a ticket I believe. 3D movies are about $15?? Which I guess is the going price for those. So today while I was browsing on Facebook, I found the link to win free tickets for Studio Movie Grill! Nice!! They are giving away 10 pairs of free tickets every hour from their Facebook page from now until May. That’s like a ton of chances to win!! The thing is, you have to be quick. The 10 pairs of tickets are usually given out in the first minute. So you basically have to sit in front of the computer and wait for the time, then keep refreshing the link to see if your coupon pops up.

Lol!! Honestly, a small investment for 2 free movie tickets if you ask me! So I ended up winning 2 tickets! Hell yeah! But I’m pretty busy with work, so I probably won’t go until Friday to see The Hunger Games with reason A. Woohoo!! I’m gonna see if Kenny can win me 2 more tickets so I can go see The Lorax. Muahahaha… XD

Farts, Snot and Advantage Takers. (In That Order) >_>

MOOD: (Irate)
Quote Of The Day: “I know this fool did not just yell at me for something that is in no way, shape, or form related to me. >_>” -Oranjuse

There comes a time in a couple’s relationship that they get so comfortable with each other that they don’t give a damn about maintaining any sort of “presentable” image in front of each other. >_> Although me and Kenny passed that stage a long time ago with him taking me into the bathroom on the phone while he “poops”, or me waking up next to him makeup-less and nappy headed, he has now resorted to blowing his nose without forewarning me on the phone and farting at the same time. Yeaaaaaah. -___-;; #notsexy Lol!! He is still very much sick and the fact that he was too busy trying to flex in the mirror and pretend to look smexy for his own ego, made his cold only worse, cuz he was wet and the AC was on. #cuteboyfail So when we were talkin’ on the phone this morning, he was doing mad sniffling. I asked him if he was ok, and at first he wouldn’t stop blowing his nose, right in the middle of a sentence, And I would bust out laughing and then he told me his nose was stopped up. But at least he was breathing down there. I was like, what?? And he said, I just farted. Muahaha. Lol!!! So damn disgusting! Men, I tell you! The jacked part was I had a cold too so we were basically blowing our noses together on the phone. Ugh. How romantic is that? Lol.

I spent most of my day sleeping. I just feel so tired and worn out on the weekends. I think my shitty job is actually making me physically sick. I have one more week of freedom before I get the raw truth spilled to me, and I’ll know where I stand with that. With that said, I really need to hurry up and buy my laptop so I can give Earlene her’s back.

This is the very reason why I didn’t want to borrow Earlene’s laptop, but I had no choice at the moment, and now I regret it completely. Earlene is a very needy person. She was my previous manager at OMX, and she’s a great person, but she cannot seem to function independently. She needs help with everything!! The woman is like in her 40’s at least and she doesn’t know how to do so many things on her own. I of course, being her friend have no problem helping her out, but sometimes I just think she’s so not bashful, that it shocks me. Every time she needs directions to some place, she’ll call me and make me Google it for her. I could be at work, I could be driving, I could be eating, it doesn’t matter. Every time she needs to check her email, I have to do it for her, cuz the woman doesn’t know how to check email. *FAILS* Every time she needs to revise her resume, she calls me to do it. I have literally revised her resume over 10 times, and she hasn’t changed jobs yet. Is it just me or your resume is about “past experience” and shouldn’t have to be changed that many times? All this is fine. But the one thing that kills me is the times that she calls. One, she always calls me while I’m at work. It is probably when its most convenient for her, but she knows I work 8am to 5pm every weekday. She knows it is inconvenient for me to constantly pick up my cell phone while I’m at work. She also knows that I cannot have long drawn out convos on my cell phone while I’m at work. It is beyond unprofessional. She knows all this yet she does it every time. I sometimes miss her calls, and she will call back to back. *FAILS* When I do pick up to see what she needs, she’ll tell me, but then digress and start talkin’ about something completely unrelated, and expect me to sit there and listen to it. She hears my office phone ring, and what does she say “Oh, you must be busy, I know you gotta go, but let me tell you this right quick, so you know so-and-so? How about they got married!” I’m thinking in my head… Earlene!! I need to pick up my office phone!! How does this look if my boss comes in, sees me talkin’ on my cell phone, and the office phone is just ringing off the hook!! I was like auhhh!!! So I said, Earlene!! I really gotta go!! It took me forever to get her to hang up the phone!! I don’t know if I should call that rude, or what! I feel bad because she is really a good friend, but she kills me with the phone calls!! So besides the calling me at work thing, how about she also calls me super early in the morning. Like 6:45am to 7:30am. Now is it just me, or that is an unholy hour to be calling someone?? One time she called around 6:00am, when I was on the phone with Kenny cuz I was still in bed!!! And I’m thinking to myself, do you need Google directions this early in the morning?? Can I start my day first before you call me to run errands for you?? OMFG. I was upset… I just ignored her call. It got to the point, where I had to stop picking up her calls and just telling her I was out of town. I felt so bad for avoiding her, but I was so sick and tired of doing these things that she needs to learn how to do herself!

What I didn’t appreciate the most was that although I often complain to her about my shitty job, it is my job, and for everyday that I am still working here, I need to be responsible to my position!! That means maintaining my professionalism and doing my duties!! Regardless of how shitty I tell you my job is, it is not your place to be disrespecting me while I’m at my job by assuming that since I told you I have a shitty job, then what I’m doing “must not be important” and it is ok for you to call me at anytime while I’m here to talk about insignificant stuff!! I don’t care if I’m working at McDonalds! I refuse to have my superiors think any less of me cuz I’m doing stuff that we all know I shouldn’t be doing! I just think its so disrespectful! Ugh.

So now that I’ve borrowed her laptop, she’s been calling more and more frequently. I guess she figured since she did me a big favor, that I am EVEN MORE indebted to her. This is why I didn’t wanna borrow her laptop. T____T;; I told Min, when my computer first died, that Earlene offered her laptop to me, since she doesn’t know how to use a computer, it was just sitting there in the box. Even Min suggested that I don’t take her up on that offer. She said, “Now you know Earlene is only going to use and abuse you even more if you use her laptop. You’re basically giving her free use of yourself.” I said I know. T____T;; This morning, Earlene called me at 7am again. I didn’t pick up. I refuse to pick up her calls that damn early. I will return her call when I get off work, like how it should be. She left a message as always, and told me to “print out some copies of her resume for her, and bring it to her”. I was like FML!!! Then she wants me to email the resume as well to 2 places that she is trying to apply to a job at. WTF!! Are you trying to tell me that I have to apply to jobs for you too?? How did you even survive til now if you can’t do anything independently?? Auhhh!!! I already have reason A!! I don’t need another baby. >_<


The Hunger Games: Done.

MOOD: (Flexin’)
Quote Of The Day: “I was upset we had to wear matching suits for a stupid school presentation. We looked like the Asian Blues Brothers.” -Oranjuse

So yesterday, “The Hunger Games” movie released!! Although I am lowkey excited about it. I did not go to watch the movie. One, cuz it was sold out, two, cuz I’m on a strict budget, and three, there was no one here in Atl that would go see it with me. >_> (*Stares at Runa) But however, I was also excited that I finished reading the book before the movie released! Now that I think about it, it was pointless since I didn’t rush out to see the movie. WTF. -___-;; But anyways; I really liked the book!!! I couldn’t remember the last time I actually finished a whole book. Ugh, it was too many years ago. Now I’m on like my 4th chapter of the second book in the trilogy, called “Catching Fire”. I’m not sure how I like the second book so far, since I’m only on chapter 4, but the beginning of the first book, was kinda slow and I ended up like that one, so who knows. I heard the second movie wasn’t coming out til next year anyways. >_> (*Stares at Runa again). Now I have mixed feelings about watching the movie, because I know how book to movies usually work, and you just have to take it with a grain of salt, cuz there’s no way they can make the movie with as much detail as the book. I think that part alone, will be disappointing for me, but for those who have seen it, and not read the book they told me it was pretty good. So we’ll see. >_>

Happy Birthday Pookie Bear!! ♥

MOOD: (Celebrating)
Quote Of The Day: “Thank you Honey…” -Kenny

Today is Kenny’s birthday!! Happy Birthday to my one and only Pookie Bear!! Today Pookie turns 30. O__O;; Now he’s an adult bear. >_> But I shall still remain 13. >_< The reason I say I’m 13, and this is an ongoing joke that me and him have is cuz once I did this psychology test, for someone’s study and at age 27, my mental age according to the test was 11. -___-;; Now, I sure hope it refers to my “youth” in terms of mentality and not my mental capacity. @__@;; Cuz that would essentially mean that I’m retarded. Lol!! But anyways, so we always joke about how he’s an old man and I’m still a kid. So yeah, this year on my birthday, I’ll be turning 13. But I digress. >_>

Last night around 9:30ish, I sent Kenny a text!! I usually don’t call him in my evenings cuz I don’t know when he’s busy and when he’s not. He’ll call me if he’s not busy. So right after I text him Happy Birthday, he calls me. I knew he would. Sometimes you just have that feeling. ^^; So he calls, and we talk for a little while. He was at work already so we couldn’t talk for long. He seemed to be in a great mood, despite the fact that he was still a little under the weather from his cold. I’m glad he’s in a good mood starting off his day. I was knocked out so I headed to bed pretty early.

Usually on his birthday or any holiday when I design him something, I email it to him before I go to bed. That way he can see it at work. But this time, I decided not too. We were gonna try a new approach. They always said, if you want different results, you gotta take different actions. Since I am always so disappointed with Kenny’s “non-reaction” to any of my gestures of love, I decided to change it up. Usually when he checks email after I go to sleep, he’ll probably think it’s cute and all, but only for a split second. The thought doesn’t linger much cuz he’s at work, and by the time he calls me in his evening (my morning) to wake me up, probably a good 10 hours has passed, and he had forgotten about it already. Occasionally he’ll remember, and he’ll say “I got your email.” But how about that’s all he says!! He doesn’t even say thank you!! *HUBBY FAIL*So yesterday before we got offline, he said, “Tomorrow is my birthday!!” I was like “I know!! But I’m not gonna show you your card until tomorrow.” And he was like “Aww!! I can’t wait to see it!!” I got happy, cuz he finally acknowledged my gesture. #thesmalljoys

This morning Kenny called me to wake me up. He seemed like he was still in a pretty good mood! That means he had a good day at work too! Yays! We talked for a little bit, but there was a basketball game on, so he wanted to hurry up and go watch it. Lol! #typicalguy When I got to work, I posted on Facebook, wishing him a Happy Birthday.

ROFLMAO!! Honestly, that’s my favorite love quote, cuz its silly and goofy just like we are. I would totally be someone to do it too. @____@;; I also posted this pic of my rice cracker art that I created yesterday! Yes I’m being very ghetto and instead of retyping what I had on Facebook, I’m just screencapping it. *FAILS*

But anyways, so Kenny gets online, and I gave him his card! This is what it looks like:

(click image to see full size)

Don’t you guys think its cute?? I think this is the first time I’ve ever designed something orange for him. Surprisingly you would think I’d always design orange, but in reality, most of my graphics are pink. Don’t ask me why. But love reminds me of pink. -___-;; But I thought this design was one of my cutest if I do say so myself!! Lol. Kenny really liked it! He said it was very cute, and he said thank you this time! Ahaha. So now I know the routine I gotta use. Which is be present at the time, the gift is presented to him, so he can show his appreciation right away, cuz afterwards, he’ll forgot. -___-;; #men By end of the night before he went to bed, he said “thank you” again. Awww… I was apologetic for not being there with him to celebrate. But of course like always, we made due with what we could. >_<

Last week, we had decided that tomorrow we would video chat! You know, for his birthday. But today he actually didn’t mention anything about it. I don’t know if it was cuz he was so drugged up cuz he was sick, or cuz he just forgot. That always stresses me out. The not “knowing” factor, I mean. Cuz I’m always scrambling to get dressed and make myself look halfway presentable when he “suddenly” wants to video chat whereas I like to be prepared. Ugh. Guess I’ll get up early and get dressed just in case we video chat. Lol!! All in all, it was a very successful birthday! Yays! Happy Birthday Honey! I love you!!

Eggplante + 99¢ Chicken + Indigo Odd Dreams

MOOD: (Happy Go Lucky)
Quote Of The Day: “I can’t believe I got a chicken for a dollar!! A freakin’ dollar!!” -Oranjuse

So lots of stuff to talk about today. You know I like doing my stuff in chronological order; that means we start with eggplant!! So yesterday, reason A decided that she would attempt making Savory Eggplants. For those of you who don’t know. I effin’ hate eggplants. I never took too much of a liking for them, but 2 years ago I got food poisoning from them, so I literally could not eat them for like over a year. The sight of them made me sick. But reason A said eggplants are good for you so she’s always trying to buy them but I would yell “NOOO!!” as soon as I see her head towards them at the grocery store. When I went back to Canton last Sept/Oct. I ate a dish of eggplants. Kenny insisted that I try them and said that it will change my view of eggplants after I’ve had them, he promised. And how about they were freakin’ awesome!! It was cooked in a sizzling pot style, and came to our table still sizzling. It was really really good. I think that’s the best damn eggplant I’ve ever had!! Not including reason A’s eggplant patties which we call “Frog Dinner” because of its shape. Now those are total pawnage. >_> But anyways, so I told reason A about this “magical” dish that changed my view on eggplants again, and she was determined to try it. Honestly, reason A isn’t that great of a cook. Housework was never her thing. She has some dishes that are freakin’ awesome, but some more common dishes are just beside her. She always cooks eggplants this one way, that I really don’t too much care for. So the conclusion is that sometimes its not the food itself, but the way you cook it that can make or break your craving for it, as we have proven with said eggplant. >_> I swung by MegaMart to pick up some last minute ingredients for it last night. Lets take a look at the results!

My opinion?? It was effin’ awesome!!! For her first time making it, it was damn good!! OMG. I can’t believe she got the taste just right without even ever have tasting it before! >_< We watched a YouTube video on how to make it, I got the ingredients, and she started going at it!! Damn it was good! My first bite of it totally brought me back the memories of that eggplant I had in Canton before I boarded the plane. reason A freakin’ rules!! Lol. Who knew eggplants could make me love me’s mummy so much more. O_o On a side note. I still hate eggplants though. -___-;;

Next story is something fabulous I found at MegaMart as I was shopping for some eggplant ingredients!! They have a rather large deli that circles around the whole market. I never paid much attention to that stuff, cuz its just a habit I guess. I’m not much of a deli person. But dude!! Looky what I found!!

I told you guys that I love chicken no matter how you cook it. I found a roast chicken in their deli but guess how much it was?? Ok, forget the guessing, I’ll tell you!! Its 99 cents!! FTW!! I couldn’t freakin’ believe it!! You can’t even get a raw chicken yourself and cook it for that price!! Fresh roasted chicken for less than a dollar?? What kind of madness is this?? It was was a good size too. Small, but still big for the price. I would say it’s the size of my two hands put together side by side. Garlic roasted chicken for 99 cents!! I can’t get over the good deal!! You can eat it with rice or veggies as a side for a whole meal! You can shred it and make chicken salad! I think it can make at least 3 servings of salad. It can be chopped up to make a quickie version of chicken fried rice! I can’t get over how great of a deal it is. You can’t even get a small fry at McDonalds for that price! So last night, me and reason A had like a third of the chicken, then this morning, I had some shredded chicken congee, and today for lunch I brought a chicken breast sandwich! Dude!! If that’s not stretching a dollar I don’t know what is!! This shit gets Juse’s stamp of approval!! Lol.

Next matter to talk about is my weird dream last night. Actually, make that 2 dreams. Both of them vivid, and both extremely weird. First dream was about me and Mikey. Apparently, we were in school together. I don’t recall what class it was, I’m thinking Literature?? I also don’t know if it was college or high school, although the room setting felt like high school. I don’t remember which teacher we had, but the teacher was someone familiar. Not necessarily a previous teacher of ours, but definitely someone we both knew. We apparently had to do a presentation in front of the class. And that totally freaked me out. I was stressed out through the whole dream! I couldn’t remember what I was suppose to say during the presentation and kept frantically looking for index cards so I could make notes, but there weren’t any in the classroom. But what I remember most distinctly, which was the odd part was that we were wearing these ugly ass matching indigo blue suits! WTF! I remember the color really clearly. I kept complaining about the suit, and how ugly it was and not understand why we have to wear that. I think the suit was also really tight. I just thought it was absolutely hideous.

Next dream I had was even weirder. A while back I had confided in Lili that I had had multiple dreams about my Intern Jon. Me and Intern Jon have a cool working relationship. I have absolutely no attraction to him at all. He’s not my type. He’s tall and chubby built, and is kind of a jock like person. He like sports and drinking and I donno. Its just not my type of dude, which is fine, cuz he’s just my Intern. Plus he’s like 5 years younger than me I think. >_> Now I can’t even recall what the last dream was about that I had about him. I think it was like him coming to my house to visit me while I was still in bed or something?? No clue. Anyways, so last night, I had a dream about him again!! This time it was way worse!! I don’t remember the beginning or the end of the dream. I just remember the middle part. We were sitting on a sofa. I was on the left, and he was on the right. See, its wrong right there, cuz I always sit on the right. *FAILS* Yes I was attempting to correct my own dream. Shuddup. -__-;;

The odd part was his mom was sitting across the room from us, looking at us. WTF!! Yes I know what his mom looks like cuz I’ve met her. >_> That was way awkward. So then I think I attempted to get up, and he pulled his arm out, and pushed me back, and then locked me in place with his arm, and I couldn’t move! It was right on my neck, kinda like a reverse headlock?? I think someone made a comment about me being in a headlock and he thought it was funny and busted out laughing. Then he said something to me, and I leaned in to hear him better, and how about he gave me a kiss on the cheek!! Nooooo!!! He totally stole a kiss from me!! I was furious! Even in my dream I was shocked, and upset! I immediately thought of Kenny and what he would think! OMG. How could he do this to me?? I was so offended! And then I can’t remember the rest of the dream. -__-;; I need to stop having these odd dreams about him. Seriously, its not even like I have a crush on him or anything. I wonder if it means subconsciously I think he’s a perv. >_> (*Stares at Runa for guidance)