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MOOD: (Completely In Love)
Quote Of The Day: “Taking it one step at a time has its advantages. You can always look back and see every foot print, and realize how far you’ve come.” -Kenny

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Today’s post is all about Kenny. So if you don’t like mushy stuff, then get the hell out. Lol. This whole week, Kenny has been in a super good mood. I totally forgot to mention that this past Wednesday was his first day at his new job! Like I said before, that was the ONLY piece of good news I got while I was on my dreaded business trip. Is it just me or starting on a Wednesday is weird? O_o But anyways, so as of tomorrow he would have finished his first week! Yays! Honestly, I was starting to get worried, because it’s been a few months now, and I was starting to doubt my own decision to tell him not to take the job offer that he had back in December or January. I just felt that that job was a downgrade from what he use to do before, and it was completely not in his profession. I wanted him to hold off and see if there was a better opportunity. I understood his eagerness to hurry up and get back to work, regardless of the job, but that is not a good reason to just randomly take whatever that comes along. That’s like me leaving my job now and going to work at McDonalds. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it would be a downgrade. Plus after evaluating the situation, I told him it was not worth it. The advantage of the job was that he would start working immediately. The disadvantages of the job were one; it was a one hour commute. That is definitely a minus. Then the pay was pretty low, of course compared to his previous job, but then again it wasn’t the same profession so I guess that makes sense, and three; was that it wasn’t his profession!! At the end he agreed with me to wait. But then like 2 more months passed, and I started to get worried. I didn’t even wanna bring it up cuz I didn’t want him to feel pressured. In a situation like this, I can only be super supportive. Kenny is really self conscious about how I view him. I told him that he doesn’t have to be concerned about that and I don’t think he’s a bum for not working, its not like it was a choice. I did keep this private, but now you see I’m on my blog blasting to the world about it. Very bad wifey. >_> But in the end, he did get a good job offer! I’m really happy and proud of him! Yays! Kenny usually doesn’t discuss to much of his work details with me. Unlike me who talks to him about my work and interns in great detail to the point where he knows all of their names by heart. >_< *FAILS* But that’s cuz I’m use to telling him everything, and he never stops me from just blabbing about my day. Lol. #hubbylove But he’s probably doing pretty good at the new job, he’s just been in a super good mood recently!!

Super good mood Kenny = More Lovin’ Kenny. Lol!! He’s always been very affectionate, probably more so than most guys, but at the same time, he’s not very romantic. He has no problem telling me the “L” word on a daily if not multiadaily yes I just made that word up and I am a genius XD basis. But he’s super adorable when he’s in a good mood. Lol!! I mean like blowing kisses every other second. Ahaha!! (*Pets him) This means that I was in a good mood all week too. Although this week is just as hard as last week if not worse, but its amazing what a big affect your mood and attitude has on your productivity. I felt like I had super powers this week. Lol. So we started joking around, and were having all these crazy scenarios of what would happen if we ended up with twins running around like Katie! Ahaha. That was funny. Then we were fighting over who would have to change the diapers, and who would feed them. Lol. The more we talked about it, the more we realized that we really missed each other. We missed everything about being together. Although I’ve only been back from Canton for about 4 months, it feels like a whole freakin’ year!! WTF!! >_< I hate this feeling. The feeling of longing for someone. I guess not everyone knows what it feels like, unless you have been away from your spouse for a long period of time, like army wives, or people of that regard. I totally feel their pain. I am very grateful that God has allowed me to meet my significant other so early in my life. I know some may spend a whole lifetime, and still not find the right one. You know they are out there, but due to many a reasons, you can’t seem to find them. Because I know how many couples fail, it makes me value our relationship even more. How we get along, how we support each other, and really have become part of each other’s lives. I think a good foundation in the beginning will set the tone for a good marriage in the future. Some things are not to be rushed, and like Kenny use to say all the time, “Taking it one step at a time has its advantages. You can always look back and see every foot print, and realize how far you’ve come.”



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