Le Laptopy, Here I Comeith…

MOOD: (Frustrated)
Quote Of The Day: “Life is anything that dies when you stomp on it.” -Dave

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Today me and Kenny spent the whole morning browsing laptop computers. I have decided that if I get a new computer, it has to be a laptop. I just can’t deal with the inconvenience of desktops anymore!! But laptops are more difficult to shop for if you ask for me, and there are more things to consider, like its size, weight, etc. Now those nifty little netbooks that you see everywhere now that are super cute with like a 10” screen and stuff is much cheaper, usually you can get one for around the $200s or $300, but after discussing it with Kenny, he insisted that that would not be a good investment for me, since they are mostly for internet browsing and light applications. I on the other hand, work my computer like a pimp to a $5 hoe, so that’s obviously not going to cut it for my needs. #iknowyoulikemyanalogies That means I have to aim to get the smallest “full function” laptop that I can at a reasonable price. #missionimpossible The problem is that the smaller the laptop the more expensive it is. If you get a 17” laptop or even a 15.3” laptop, you can get a decent one for around $400. But I am aiming for anywhere between 12” to 14” is the max. The reason is I think large laptops are pointless. Who hauls around something like a flat screen TV?? That’s too crazy. Also, I am a short woman. I can’t be hauling around a 10lb, 17” laptop. That would be crazy. Maybe I can deal with heavy, but I sure as hell can’t deal with big and bulky. So with that said, I am aiming to get a 14” which is probably where it meets me half way. Still small enough, and not as expensive cuz its not the “smallest”. Me and Kenny were online browsing everywhere!! OMFG. Kenny is a picky shopper. He definitely gives Lili a run for her money. Lol!! He will search and search and SEARCH until he gets a bargain. So after a whole day of browsing, we still didn’t find “the right one” according to Kenny. Guess I won’t be getting my laptop anytime soon. >_< The longer I hold off on it, I feel the less likely I will want to get one. I really do wanna save money!! Not that I have a lot saved now, but if I buy a laptop with it, I basically have to start over this year. Nooo!!! >_<


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  1. You know, everytime I read your post, I almost have a comment for everything. So why dont I post the comments? b/c 1. my blackberry’s slow, and it’s no guarantee that i’ll see the comment box load successfully 2. i rarely use the internet at home (ok, i’m lying, i’m always browsing retail shops to see if there’s anything to buy…in reality, im just window shopping) BUT, everytime I see my name next to money matter, I get soo excited! LOL!!! At first I had no idea what Kenny’s pickiness had anything to do with me, until you further explained! HOW IN THE WORLD did you know that I will search, and search and search until I absolutely find the best deal?? LOL! Or are you just presuming that’d be my shopping behavior?? You, my little FAILED apprentice, have yet to master the art of stretching the dollar! Good thing Kenny’s the one you’re marrying…he’ll keep you in check!! 🙂

  2. I know I suck at shopping. I actually have a man’s mentality when shopping. Pick it up and go. Although I do often times do research on products I’m gonna buy, most of the research is on the “function” of the product and not the cost. Kenny on the other hand, shops like a woman with 10 kids to feed. Ahaha! (*Don’t tell him I said that. >_>) But yeah, he not only shops for the “function” cuz he’s really computer savy, but he also shops the price. Honestly, although I find it annoying. I also am glad that I’m marrying him. Lol!! =)

  3. Are you serious?? I agree and disagree. Guys do shop by picking it up and go, but not when it comes to technology…they do their research…and women, they shop (clothes) by picking it up and go! and you..you just have the bad habit of both gender…and so does almost everyone else…tsk tsk…everyone should be forced to shop like me one day…i should have a reality show where everyone has to become me for a week or two until they learn, lol..does that sound like death??? lol

    • They do have a show like that already. Its called Extreme Couponing. Lol.

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