Easy Sat + Congrats Katie!

MOOD: (Yays)
Quote Of The Day: “I can’t believe she has such exaggerated facial expressions for a 3 day old baby. O_o” -Kenny

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Usually my weekends are pretty boring. Honestly, there’s nothing going on in my life on weekends, except for 3 things. Talk to Kenny, sleep, and eat. That’s basically it. Its rare that I go anywhere and super rare that I go somewhere exciting enough to post about. But with all the hoopa of last week, and the business trip, I forgot to talk about something super important!! Katie had her twins!! O’man!! Me and Kenny are now Auntie and Uncle!! Lol. The other day, I shared pics of the new babies with Kenny. He thinks they’re adorable, but then again he loves all kids. >_> Tanya had mentioned that she wants to go visit Katie, I believe she is finally home now with them, and I’d love to go to, but not this weekend. I just can’t do it. Kenny was teasing me and said by the time I go visit them, the damn babies are gonna be like a month old already. Ahaha, which is probably gonna be true. But oh well. But I am super happy for her. I almost bust out in tears when I was looking at the pictures she posted on Facebook, that she took right before she went in for her C-Section. It definitely made me appreciate being a mother, and how much pain you have to endure to give birth to your little ones. I remember reading something on Twitter, and it said that the world’s most unbearable pain, in rank of pain level; burn comes in first place. So when you get burned by fire, that is the most unbearable pain. Guess what came in second??? Birth!! Yes folks!! Birth is second on the painometer!! Lawd have mercy. And I have a low tolerance of pain, I might have to rethink this in the future. Lol. Anyhowtos… Congrats Katie!! Super happy for you and your new babies Layla and Lawrence! Yays! ^^;


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  1. You are seriously KILLING me with this eat and go straight to sleep thing!!!!!

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