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MOOD: (Terrified)
Quote Of The Day: “Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.” -A. Huxley

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This morning was an epic failure. I could not get my ass out of bed AT ALL. Kenny was on the phone with me forever and I just simply refused to get up!! Lol. I know I’ve said it a million times but it is evil that he makes us work today. We should get today off. -__-;; Anyways, so I came back and my desk is a hot freakin’ mess!! You guys know how anal I am and my desk space is very much my own little world. Ever since I got a new U center at work, I’ve taken really good care of it. I have way more working room now and every week I wipe my desk down and polish it, and make sure everything is super organized. But while I was gone, of course they didn’t know what to do with my paperwork, so they just laid it on my desk. Which I guess I can’t blame them for. Better this way then to lose some of my shit. >_> But because of this, I had to spend my first day back cleaning my damn desk!! Auhhh!!! Ok, now I’m going to vent about something really anal right now, so don’t judge me. >_> I don’t like paper that is curled on the edges. Now, how does paper get curled on the edges? When it comes in through a fax machine. I know people think fax machines are ancient. But yes we still use one. So when paper comes through a fax, it is all curled up. Must be the way the paper goes through rollers. But I HATE that!! Let me tell you what my anal ass does. I take the curled paper, go to an inkjet printer, and make copies of everything so that it all lays flat. Ahahaha!! Yes I am killing trees, just bite me. T___T;; But I can’t stand the sight of curly paper!! That drives me insane!! So when I got back to work, my desk was filled with curly paper!! Noooo!!! I thought I was gonna have a minor heart attack right then and there!! @____@;; You better believe that my ass took all that paper to the copy machine and made copies of everything!! Ah…. (*Sigh of relief) Flat paper… Its gorgeous. Lol!! And just a side note, but I don’t use paperclips either, I only use binder clips cuz paperclips leave a wrinkle where you clipped it at. Bite me again. X_____X;;


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