Business Trippy Day 3: Le Heart Whoas ~

MOOD: (Upset)
Quote Of The Day: “I’ll stay with you as long as you need me to.” -Kenny

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So today is Valentine’s Day. So I’m super depressed that I have to work today. Nooo!!! >_< I wanna spend Valentine’s Day at home with my pookie bear!! I was so depressed when I heard that we were going to be out of town on Valentine’s Day. Ugh!! I know that me and Kenny are apart and technically we can’t spend Valentine’s Day together anyways, but we could still video chat or something!! I don’t know. Although any additional distance doesn’t really make a difference to us, I still feel upset that we’re even further apart. >_< So this morning, I got up after a crappy night of “so-called” rest, and the only thing I had to look forward to was my white rice. Lol!!

Ham & Eggs, White Rice w/ Furikake, Sausage, Potato Hash, Miso Soup, Seaweed, Orange Juice

This morning, I got a huge breakfast. I took advantage of everything I could grab. Lol! As I was eating breakfast, I called Kenny. That’s usually when we chat when I’m out of town. He doesn’t call to wake me up, cuz I have to get up at a different time every morning, depending on how drunk my interns are the night before, so its too much of a hassle. Since I don’t sleep anyways, I just call him when I’m free, which for the most part is when I have breakfast. As I was eating my breakfast, Kenny was eating a late night snack, fried rice. Yes that’s so stereotypical of a Chinese’s person’s late night snack. ROFL! And he was like “Look Honey! We’re eating together! We haven’t ate together in a while… Awww…” I felt so happy and sad at the same time. Cuz it was cute that we were eating together, but then it made me miss him a lot at that moment, cuz it has been over 4 months since we really got to sit down together and eat. >_< After breakfast, I had to head to the showroom. It was crunch time today cuz tomorrow is the official start of the expo, so everything had to be ready to go by tonight. I knew it was probably going to have to be another all-nighter. Boo!!! But please tell me why it was 2am and I was still working!! WTF!! When I got back to the hotel, I was so upset, tired and stressed out! I laid in bed, and called Kenny. It was going on 3am at this point, so he told me to hurry up and get some rest, but I was pitching a fit, just like a little kid who was having a mood swing. I made him stay on the phone with me, and before I knew it, I busted out in tears! I started sobbing uncontrollably. I couldn’t even tell what I was upset about at this point! Was it because I was away from Kenny on Valentine’s Day? Was it because of all days, today I had to work til 2am and I was sleepy and tired? It probably was a combination of everything. Kenny spent a long time comforting me, and reassuring me everything was gonna be ok. At that point, I kinda felt bad for reason A, I can only imagine how difficult of a baby I was. Lol!! Look at how old I am and I’m just as difficult!! The retarded part is, every time I go on a business trip. ESPECIALLY to Mississippi, I end up crying to Kenny on the phone. Usually it’s when I’m drunk though. I tend to get really emotional when I’m drunk sometimes or really really horny >_> *FAILS* But this time I wasn’t drunk. I vowed not to drink on this trip. Cuz I had to take care of stupid Intern Emily. But I just really needed some comforting at that point. Eventually I think I fell asleep from all that crying, I must have been worn out. I don’t really remember too much that happened after all the crying.

#tgfk (Thank God for Kenny) XD


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