Little Man Lumps I Likey!

MOOD: (Super Awesome!)
Quote Of The Day: “Did your ass just call me at work, and then ask me if I was at work??” -Tanya

Usually, I get up at least twice in the middle of the night. Man I miss the days when I was a kid and could sleep the whole night through of 10 or 12 hours without having to get up once to pee. That was the good life. >_> I’ve had sleep problems ever since college. I think its all those all-nighters I use to pull due to my procrastination, and ever since then, the whole “falling asleep” process is long and painful. I wonder if I have chronic fatigue syndrome or something. I’m always feeling tired. The first year I started working, I was deathly afraid of being late to work. That is another pet peeve of mine, not being punctual. I use to set 3 alarm times on my celly. They were 15 minute increments apart. That would allow me to basically snooze twice. I set one for 5am, one for 5:15am, and one for 5:30am which is when I HAD to be up, in order to beat traffic to work, since I work on another planet. But I realized that it didn’t help me much and only made me more tired cuz I kept getting interrupted right when I’m about to “fall asleep” again. So I stopped doing that. But even after that, I would always wake up in the middle of the night, usually around 3 or 4am, to use the restroom, maybe drink water, or at least to look at what time it is on my cell. And the mixed emotions of joy and frustration at the same time was just unexplainable. I was happy cuz I’d think to myself “Yes!! Its only 3am! I can sleep for 2 more hours. Thank you Lord!!” But at the same time I’d be like “WTF, why is my ass awake at some 3am?? Ugh!!” Last night, was a rare occurrence that I didn’t get up in the middle of the night and actually slept the whole way through til Kenny woke me up. #amazing But I was still grouchy mainly cuz I had a long day at work yesterday and was upset about having to do overtime these past few days. Since I had blogged about it yesterday, Kenny was already prepared and knew that I was probably in a crappy mood.

When he called this morning, unfortunately I had to start venting super early. Lol. So after my blah, blah, blah. Kenny said “My poor baby, you need a hug. Come here and lay down with me…” I was like “Awww…” And then he suddenly said “But you’re not allowed to pinch my nipples though…O___O” I was like ROFLMAO!!! Where the heck did that come from?? Lol!! I don’t even have a habit of pinching his nipples!! XD I only did it a few times while we were wrestling and no I am not a cheater when it comes to wrestling >_>. So I decided to go along with it, and I said “But Honey!! You know I’m stressed!! You have to let me pinch them!” And he said “Um, no. I can’t let you make a habit out of that. Just imagine, one day when you get famous from your designs, and some TV station interviews you and the reporter asks you, so how do you usually relieve your stress in this intense field of work? And you bust out and say, I pinch my husband’s nipples. O___O;;” ROFLMAO!!! I was cracking the hell up!!! He is SO retarded!! Then he said, “But that’s not even the crazy part! The crazy part is that for the second interview the reporter says to you that she went home and pinched her husband’s nipples but it didn’t help her relieve stress! Why is that?? Come to find out, you clarify with her and say, well that’s cuz you have to pinch MY husband’s nipples in order for it to work! Duh!! And before you know it, I got women lined up to pinch my nipples!! *SUPER FAILS*AHAHAHA!!! I almost fell out my damn bed! He is an absolute idiot!!! Me and him were laughing so damn hard, we couldn’t catch our breaths! XDD I swear we are absolute fools. Then he said, “Ok, so now you’ve had your laugh of the morning, get your ass out of bed for work!!” Lol!! I was like “Nooo!! Me no want to!!” *FAILS* Man I love him to death. Lol…



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