Take No Prisioners, Hoorah!

MOOD: (Poker Face)
Quote Of The Day: “I think she can replace her. They have the same IQ.” -Intern Roger

Ladies and Gents. Today I didn’t leave the office ‘til 6:14pm. For those of you who don’t know. A friendly reminder. I work 8am to 5pm. >_> That means I got exploited for another hour and 14 minutes. I honestly don’t understand what the hold up is, cuz we go through expo season twice a year. Every time it is expo season, you know the drill. That means get your shit together!! It’s the same routine, but folks are confused!! Why are you confused? We do this four damn times a year! Why did I feel like I had 20 retarded Intern Emilys running around today?? So after fighting through traffic, I got home around 7:40pm. To me, that’s an unholy hour to get off for a 9 to 5 job. Right now, I am in TAKE.NO.PRISIONERS. mode. That means, you piss me off, I will drown you in my spit from all my cussing or take you out with the Wednesday trash with no shame. We are on a mission. I am trying to get shit done, and if you are my setback, I will rid myself of you. Please don’t be like that annoying booger up my nose, that I want to pick at and flick onto whoever’s walking by.



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