Super Bowl Sunday = Not Amused. >_>

MOOD: (Getting ZzZ’s)
Quote Of The Day: “But poking you is something I HAVE to do no matter what!!” -Juse

Its Super Bowl Sunday! Being that I am NOT a football freak, this day is of little to no importance to me. >_> Sadly to say, I didn’t even watch many of the Super Bowl ads this year, cuz I was too busy watching my Korean Drama. #badadvertingguru I’ll probably go back and watch them online later. I finally got to sleep in this morning. But of course I woke up early to talk to Kenny. He helped me fix my computer YET AGAIN. #frustrationoverload. I think the problem is that I don’t have a key for my Windows 7 Enterprise. It’s supposed to automatically find one through an online server, but since I’m not supposed to be using it anyways, this is causing difficulty. Ugh!! Anyways, I’ll work with it until further notice. >_> I spent the whole day resting, and doing nothing but eating, watching TV, eating some more and sleeping. Lol. Mainly cuz I have to head out of town next week, so if I don’t get sleep this weekend I’ll be screwed since I won’t be sleeping for 7 days. @___@;; #fml



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