No Bueno All Around >_<

MOOD: (Upset)
Quote Of The Day: “Everythings fine. I just feel annoyed.” -Kenny

You talkin’ about somebody who is having rough day after rough day. That would be me. First off, please stop raining. The rain is SO depressing. Secondly, Kenny didn’t get any sleep last night. I already knew that even without asking, cuz I clawed him yesterday, so I knew he went to bed a little unhappy. This morning when he called to wake me up, he didn’t sound happy at all. I tried asking him what was wrong, but he just said nothing, but I knew something was wrong. I hate when he does that. He always complains to me that I need to talk to him when ANYTHING is bothering me, but yet he doesn’t do the same. I guess I kind of understand from a guy’s perspective. Tanya told me a long time ago, that I can’t use a woman’s mentality to evaluate how men handle things. I get worried and anxious when I feel that something is bothering Kenny but he doesn’t tell me, when in reality, Kenny could be not telling me not cuz he’s trying to keep it from me but cuz he feels that some responsibilities belong to a man, and he doesn’t want to burden me. He said he was tired, and didn’t feel like getting online today. I told him to get some rest. So the whole morning, I was moping around office, cuz I was in a crappy mood. Then around my noon time (his 1am) Kenny calls. With his half awake voice, he asks me how’s work. I always feel relieved when he wakes up to call in the middle of the night although its probably not healthy for him to keep waking up like that. I told him work was fine, and tried to make a few jokes here and there to cheer him up. He didn’t sound amused. Ugh! #wifeyfail So we talked for a little bit, and he went back to sleep. The remainder of my day was spent with my eyes glued to the damn monitor cuz my computer at work has failed me again. Noooo!!! I can’t deal with this!! Work computer fail = Juse is handicapped! What the hell is wrong with this damn computer?? Its not even a damn year old!! #computermurder I have no idea how to fix it. I’ve been workin’ on it all day! #stabmeplease

Like honestly, I am beyond stressed, and distraught right now, and I think I need some alcohol, cuz I’m drinking a Coke, and this shit is not gonna cut it today. T_____T;;



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