Claws Like Rawr + One Shot

MOOD: (No Bueno)
Quote Of The Day: “Your mood just changed. >_>” -Kenny

You talkin’ about having a rough day, whew!! What in the world was up with my damn day?? It started off alright. I got home at a decent hour last night, and of course now just like clockwork, here my ass is, reformatting my computer and reinstalling Windows 7 again. #dejavu It was working out pretty good. This morning I was in a pretty decent mood, and then as I was talkin’ to Kenny, I suddenly snapped for no reason!! I could feel my claws coming out and he felt it too. It’s not even that time of the month! What the hell was wrong with me? He pointed it out by saying “Your mood just changed. >_>” And honestly, I knew he didn’t do anything or say anything wrong at the moment, it was all me, so I had to try REALLY HARD to pull the claws back and take a deep breath. #woosah That was a close call. I think he was still a little uncomfortable before bed. #allmyfault But then again he should be use to this since it happens all the damn time. T______T;;

My computer died again at work. The infamous “Geek Squad” sent a tech to come look at it, but they wanted like $150 just for the diagnostic! WTF!! You mean you want me to pay you $150 so you can tell me that there is something wrong with my damn computer?? How about you pay me and I’ll tell you!! Its not damn workin’ that’s whats wrong with it! Auhhhh!! So we decided to decline, and eventually I fixed it myself just like yesterday. #winninglikeamofo Now its raining outside and super gloomy. Ugh! That dampens my spirits even though today is payday. T_____T;; I hate when I snap on Kenny. It puts the both of us in a bad mood. Arg!!

The only good thing that came out of today, is my first product design came in!! For those of you who don’t know. I do graphic design but usually its 2D and print designs. Meaning like catalogs, flyers, product brochures, etc. This is my first actual product! Woohoo!!

Of all things, it would be a shot glass wouldn’t it?? #myalcoholicass *FAILS* But they actually came out nice! Our customer ordered 500 of them. I designed the logo and the shot glass itself. With that said, I think I should get a bonus for this particular project cuz there was difficulty, but will they do that, that would be hell no. T_____T;; Now if only my computer at home will start acting right, then I can round off my day on a better note. Ugh…



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