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Leap Day + Le Talented Buttocks

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Quote Of The Day: ““Dude!! Why are you calling me Honey and shit?? That shit is gay!!”” -Kenny’s Co-Worker

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Today is Leap Day!! Happy Leap Day folks! I always feel bad for those born on leap day, cuz does that mean that their birthdays only roll around once every 4 years? O_o I also don’t get how you calculate that, cuz today I was listening to the radio and they were saying there was a woman who was a leap year baby, and how about she just gave birth today to a little girl so her daughter is a leap year baby too!! What are the chances of that!! But the odd thing is, how about they said, that her baby is 4 years old today? O_o So I didn’t really understand. Regardless of when you were born, your age is still growing at the same rate right? Me no comprehend. But anyways; today, I got another funny ass “confession” from Kenny!! XD This morning when he called to wake me up, he was like “Honey, I have a confession.” I was like uh oh. What happened this time? So I was like, “Ok, I’m listening…O_o” And he said, “My co-worker from my previous job whom I hadn’t spoken to in a long time called me today.” I was like “Oh really? Why for?” He said, “Well he called me and was like, is this Kenny?? Hey, its so and so.” Then Kenny said “Yeah! Hey what’s up?” and the co-worker said “Dude, did you just send me a text message?” But Kenny was like “Er… no?? O_o” But the co-worker insisted that he got a text message from Kenny a second ago and proceeded to read him the message. It said, ahem… “Morning Honey! Did you sleep well last night? ^_^;; Hope you have a good day at work today!! I’m gonna go night night! Love you!!” When Kenny heard it he almost fell out his seat and was like >_<. And I was crackin’ the hell up when Kenny was telling me this!! What had happened was this was a text that I sent Kenny the night before!! So he probably had the damn phone in his pants pocket and he “butt forwarded” it to a random person in his phonebook, which happened to be this dude! Ahahaha!!! I’ve heard of “butt dialing” but “but forwarding”??? *EPIC FAIL* Kenny was really embarrassed, and didn’t really know how to explain the situation. His co-worker was like, “Dude!! Why are you calling me Honey and shit?? That shit is gay!!” Ahahaha~! Poor Kenny (*Pets him) So then the co-worker said, “Did your phone like get hacked or something?? Was that like spam??” So Kenny jumped at the opportunity to brush this off, and was like “Um yeah!! It sure was!! Sorry dude, phone must have gotten hacked.” Ahahaha!! Then Kenny tried to hurry up and change the subject and said “So um, lets go out and get a drink sometime man!” The co-worker was like “Ok, cool!” And they hurried up and hung up. ROFLMAO!!! That was some funny shit!! I told Kenny, that’s what he gets for not putting his phone on lock before he put it in his pants pocket! He said he did have the phone on lock! So then I was like “Whoa… So your butt not only can forward text messages, it can also unlock phones??? I feel like a lucky woman!!” #ratedrjoke Lol!!! Poor Kenny… How awkward… XD

Mi Amor… Pookie Bear ♥

MOOD: (Completely In Love)
Quote Of The Day: “Taking it one step at a time has its advantages. You can always look back and see every foot print, and realize how far you’ve come.” -Kenny

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Today’s post is all about Kenny. So if you don’t like mushy stuff, then get the hell out. Lol. This whole week, Kenny has been in a super good mood. I totally forgot to mention that this past Wednesday was his first day at his new job! Like I said before, that was the ONLY piece of good news I got while I was on my dreaded business trip. Is it just me or starting on a Wednesday is weird? O_o But anyways, so as of tomorrow he would have finished his first week! Yays! Honestly, I was starting to get worried, because it’s been a few months now, and I was starting to doubt my own decision to tell him not to take the job offer that he had back in December or January. I just felt that that job was a downgrade from what he use to do before, and it was completely not in his profession. I wanted him to hold off and see if there was a better opportunity. I understood his eagerness to hurry up and get back to work, regardless of the job, but that is not a good reason to just randomly take whatever that comes along. That’s like me leaving my job now and going to work at McDonalds. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it would be a downgrade. Plus after evaluating the situation, I told him it was not worth it. The advantage of the job was that he would start working immediately. The disadvantages of the job were one; it was a one hour commute. That is definitely a minus. Then the pay was pretty low, of course compared to his previous job, but then again it wasn’t the same profession so I guess that makes sense, and three; was that it wasn’t his profession!! At the end he agreed with me to wait. But then like 2 more months passed, and I started to get worried. I didn’t even wanna bring it up cuz I didn’t want him to feel pressured. In a situation like this, I can only be super supportive. Kenny is really self conscious about how I view him. I told him that he doesn’t have to be concerned about that and I don’t think he’s a bum for not working, its not like it was a choice. I did keep this private, but now you see I’m on my blog blasting to the world about it. Very bad wifey. >_> But in the end, he did get a good job offer! I’m really happy and proud of him! Yays! Kenny usually doesn’t discuss to much of his work details with me. Unlike me who talks to him about my work and interns in great detail to the point where he knows all of their names by heart. >_< *FAILS* But that’s cuz I’m use to telling him everything, and he never stops me from just blabbing about my day. Lol. #hubbylove But he’s probably doing pretty good at the new job, he’s just been in a super good mood recently!!

Super good mood Kenny = More Lovin’ Kenny. Lol!! He’s always been very affectionate, probably more so than most guys, but at the same time, he’s not very romantic. He has no problem telling me the “L” word on a daily if not multiadaily yes I just made that word up and I am a genius XD basis. But he’s super adorable when he’s in a good mood. Lol!! I mean like blowing kisses every other second. Ahaha!! (*Pets him) This means that I was in a good mood all week too. Although this week is just as hard as last week if not worse, but its amazing what a big affect your mood and attitude has on your productivity. I felt like I had super powers this week. Lol. So we started joking around, and were having all these crazy scenarios of what would happen if we ended up with twins running around like Katie! Ahaha. That was funny. Then we were fighting over who would have to change the diapers, and who would feed them. Lol. The more we talked about it, the more we realized that we really missed each other. We missed everything about being together. Although I’ve only been back from Canton for about 4 months, it feels like a whole freakin’ year!! WTF!! >_< I hate this feeling. The feeling of longing for someone. I guess not everyone knows what it feels like, unless you have been away from your spouse for a long period of time, like army wives, or people of that regard. I totally feel their pain. I am very grateful that God has allowed me to meet my significant other so early in my life. I know some may spend a whole lifetime, and still not find the right one. You know they are out there, but due to many a reasons, you can’t seem to find them. Because I know how many couples fail, it makes me value our relationship even more. How we get along, how we support each other, and really have become part of each other’s lives. I think a good foundation in the beginning will set the tone for a good marriage in the future. Some things are not to be rushed, and like Kenny use to say all the time, “Taking it one step at a time has its advantages. You can always look back and see every foot print, and realize how far you’ve come.”


Le Laptopy, Here I Comeith…

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Quote Of The Day: “Life is anything that dies when you stomp on it.” -Dave

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Today me and Kenny spent the whole morning browsing laptop computers. I have decided that if I get a new computer, it has to be a laptop. I just can’t deal with the inconvenience of desktops anymore!! But laptops are more difficult to shop for if you ask for me, and there are more things to consider, like its size, weight, etc. Now those nifty little netbooks that you see everywhere now that are super cute with like a 10” screen and stuff is much cheaper, usually you can get one for around the $200s or $300, but after discussing it with Kenny, he insisted that that would not be a good investment for me, since they are mostly for internet browsing and light applications. I on the other hand, work my computer like a pimp to a $5 hoe, so that’s obviously not going to cut it for my needs. #iknowyoulikemyanalogies That means I have to aim to get the smallest “full function” laptop that I can at a reasonable price. #missionimpossible The problem is that the smaller the laptop the more expensive it is. If you get a 17” laptop or even a 15.3” laptop, you can get a decent one for around $400. But I am aiming for anywhere between 12” to 14” is the max. The reason is I think large laptops are pointless. Who hauls around something like a flat screen TV?? That’s too crazy. Also, I am a short woman. I can’t be hauling around a 10lb, 17” laptop. That would be crazy. Maybe I can deal with heavy, but I sure as hell can’t deal with big and bulky. So with that said, I am aiming to get a 14” which is probably where it meets me half way. Still small enough, and not as expensive cuz its not the “smallest”. Me and Kenny were online browsing everywhere!! OMFG. Kenny is a picky shopper. He definitely gives Lili a run for her money. Lol!! He will search and search and SEARCH until he gets a bargain. So after a whole day of browsing, we still didn’t find “the right one” according to Kenny. Guess I won’t be getting my laptop anytime soon. >_< The longer I hold off on it, I feel the less likely I will want to get one. I really do wanna save money!! Not that I have a lot saved now, but if I buy a laptop with it, I basically have to start over this year. Nooo!!! >_<

*Sigh* Sunday + Ella Replacement Thoughts

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Quote Of The Day: “The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them.” –J. Jarvis

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You know you hate your job, if you start having a hatred for Sundays too, only because you know you have to go to work the next day. Lol. Although I’m laughing it off like I always do, its really not a funny matter at all. >_< So for those of you who don’t know yet, let me get your caught upon Ella aka, my computer. >_> So Ella is officially dead. Yes, there is no saving her. It didn’t bother me too much at the time cuz I was about to leave out of town anyways, but now that I am back, I do feel handicapped without a computer. Can you just imagine?? No computer this day in age and I do graphic design for a living?? #justkillmenow I really contemplated about what to do, but I can’t even do restore and reinstalls now cuz the hard drive is completely dead. Guess I burned it out. T____T;; People, you just DO NOT know how much I don’t want to buy a new computer!! Nooooo!!! Dear God, why are you giving me a set back right now?? You know I am trying to save money!! *FAILS* But I think I’m going to have to suck it up and buy one. Nooooo!!! Technically computers are much cheaper now then when I first bought one back in the day, but I still don’t want to buy one. -___-;;

Easy Sat + Congrats Katie!

MOOD: (Yays)
Quote Of The Day: “I can’t believe she has such exaggerated facial expressions for a 3 day old baby. O_o” -Kenny

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Usually my weekends are pretty boring. Honestly, there’s nothing going on in my life on weekends, except for 3 things. Talk to Kenny, sleep, and eat. That’s basically it. Its rare that I go anywhere and super rare that I go somewhere exciting enough to post about. But with all the hoopa of last week, and the business trip, I forgot to talk about something super important!! Katie had her twins!! O’man!! Me and Kenny are now Auntie and Uncle!! Lol. The other day, I shared pics of the new babies with Kenny. He thinks they’re adorable, but then again he loves all kids. >_> Tanya had mentioned that she wants to go visit Katie, I believe she is finally home now with them, and I’d love to go to, but not this weekend. I just can’t do it. Kenny was teasing me and said by the time I go visit them, the damn babies are gonna be like a month old already. Ahaha, which is probably gonna be true. But oh well. But I am super happy for her. I almost bust out in tears when I was looking at the pictures she posted on Facebook, that she took right before she went in for her C-Section. It definitely made me appreciate being a mother, and how much pain you have to endure to give birth to your little ones. I remember reading something on Twitter, and it said that the world’s most unbearable pain, in rank of pain level; burn comes in first place. So when you get burned by fire, that is the most unbearable pain. Guess what came in second??? Birth!! Yes folks!! Birth is second on the painometer!! Lawd have mercy. And I have a low tolerance of pain, I might have to rethink this in the future. Lol. Anyhowtos… Congrats Katie!! Super happy for you and your new babies Layla and Lawrence! Yays! ^^;

TGIF. Nuff Said.

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Quote Of The Day: “I’m workin’ so damn hard, even my sweat is sweating!!” -Oranjuse

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TGIF peoples. I’m so freakin’ glad its Friday, ya’ll just don’t know!! This has been such a long and tiring week, and the Bossman has been pushing me to the limits!! Everyday after work, I evaluate how I’ve done today. It only falls in one of two categories. One, I got my money’s worth today, or two; Bossman got his money’s worth out of me today. ROFL. This is the true. This whole week, the Bossman has definitely got his money’s worth out of me everyday, and maxed me out!! Everyday he is pushing to get this paperwork done faster, faster, and yet faster again!! I can’t tell if I’m ready to pass out or explode, cuz my body is already ready to give out but my brain is very hot wired right now. I’m just glad that it is finally Friday, and I can sleep in tomorrow and eat, and wear my PJs all day and do my thang!! Thank you Lord!! Whew!

Matty, You’re Not Workin’ With Me Here!!

Quote Of The Day: “I would sleep but I keep rolling off. *FAILS*” -Kenny

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So ever since I met Kenny, I have had this thing I call “Confessions”. Its not really confessing about your sins as much as confessing about odd quirks about yourself, or some embarrassing moment you had. Its hard to explain the concept. You kinda just have to listen to a couple of examples to know what I mean. I remember my very first “confession” to Kenny was that I don’t know how to peel an orange. >_> #heyheydontjudge But its true. Like I am physically incapable of peeling an orange. I don’t know what it is!! I just can’t do it!! So my whole life, my oranges have been peeled by others. Either reason A or whoever’s next to me, like my intern. Isn’t it ironic that my name is Oranjuse then? Lol. But anyways, so ever since then we would have these “confessions” to each other. They are usually mad funny. Today while I was talkin’ to Kenny, he busted out with a confession. He was like “Honey, I have a confession.” I said kool. I’m listening. Then he caught me off guard by saying, “My mattress died.” I said “What??” He said “Yeah. The air mattress has a big hump in it now, and every time I blow it up, there’s a hump on the side.” Ahahaha!! I was cracking the hell up!! Kenny hates regular mattresses. So he always sleeps on an air mattress. As you know, you gotta blow it up with air. He said he has this habit of always sitting on the edge of it, and not in the center. So of course all the air in the edge of the bed that he’s sitting on pushes to the opposite end, kinda like what happens when you squeeze a long balloon. So after doing that for a long time, the mattress gets stretched out on that side, and looses its elasticity. So now when you put air in it, it bubbles up on that side, and there’s a big hump there. Ahahaha!! Such an epic fail for him!! I really suck at drawing or else I’d DEFINITELY draw a pic to help illustrate this madness. I personally find it extremely entertaining but maybe that’s just me. XD So he said now when he sleeps on it, he slides off the hump. Ahaha!! I can just imagine that shit happening!! Wait, I can illustrate this with a picture and Photoshop. Lets take a look.

Ahaha!!! So its basically like this!! So he basically rolls off of the hump when he’s on the mattress! I’m sorry this is just a damn funny problem to have! I told him, personally I’d just use it like a pillow, lay my head on it and call it a day!! Poor guy. Later that night, he called me and told me that he couldn’t sleep. It was like 3am!! I felt bad for him. I knew it was cuz he kept sliding off his mattress. Ahahaha!! Ok, not funny. >_>

I Am Juse. I Am A Caterpillar? O_o

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Quote Of The Day: “O’man… and you’d make a chubby caterpillar too!!” -Kenny

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Kenny cracks me up. Even if it is at my own expense sometimes. Which often happens and I get upset, but can’t help but laugh so it’s an EPIC FAIL. >_> This morning Kenny called to wake me up. I, being my usual self, didn’t wanna get up. Sometimes Kenny will do the soft approach, and be like “Please Honey… get up for work?” But sometimes he’s rough, and is like “Get your ass out of bed!!” Lol!! I told him this morning that I didn’t wanna get up cuz it was cold. He said “Well I never told you to just walk around naked! Put some clothes on!” I said but my clothes are far away from the bed!! Its on my office chair. So he said “Well then wrap yourself up in your blanket, and scoot your way out of bed and then hop over to the chair like a caterpillar and get your clothes!” I started cracking up cuz I had this image in my head of myself doing it and it looks mad funny. XD Then he said “O’man… and you’d make a chubby caterpillar too!!” ROFLMAO!! It was damn funny when he said it in Chinese. I was like WTF, you just called me chubby but then I started laughing cuz it was so retarded! He said, “I’m gonna come and grab you from behind while you’re all wrapped up so you can’t move! Muahaha…” And I was like oh no!! That’s evil!! He’s such a sneaky little bastard. Lol.. >_>


Workin’ Hard For Le Monies

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Quote Of The Day: “Sometimes you’re the windshield; sometimes you’re the bug.” -M. Knopfler

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I know its only Tuesday, but OMFG please let Friday hurry up and come before I die. X____X;; (*Picks self up off floor). I knew this week was going to be rough, but I am freakin’ drowning in paperwork!! I have paperwork all over the damn place. I don’t know about you guys, but when there is so much paper on my desk that I can’t see the surface of my desk, I freak out. O__O;; I just keep on telling myself that there are only 3 more days, and after Hump Day, this week will just fly by. Ahahaha. And I am lying. T___T;; Dear Lord, please give me strength. Did I mention that I fell asleep at the wheel today, driving home? O_o


Back To Le Boot Camp

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Quote Of The Day: “Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.” -A. Huxley

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This morning was an epic failure. I could not get my ass out of bed AT ALL. Kenny was on the phone with me forever and I just simply refused to get up!! Lol. I know I’ve said it a million times but it is evil that he makes us work today. We should get today off. -__-;; Anyways, so I came back and my desk is a hot freakin’ mess!! You guys know how anal I am and my desk space is very much my own little world. Ever since I got a new U center at work, I’ve taken really good care of it. I have way more working room now and every week I wipe my desk down and polish it, and make sure everything is super organized. But while I was gone, of course they didn’t know what to do with my paperwork, so they just laid it on my desk. Which I guess I can’t blame them for. Better this way then to lose some of my shit. >_> But because of this, I had to spend my first day back cleaning my damn desk!! Auhhh!!! Ok, now I’m going to vent about something really anal right now, so don’t judge me. >_> I don’t like paper that is curled on the edges. Now, how does paper get curled on the edges? When it comes in through a fax machine. I know people think fax machines are ancient. But yes we still use one. So when paper comes through a fax, it is all curled up. Must be the way the paper goes through rollers. But I HATE that!! Let me tell you what my anal ass does. I take the curled paper, go to an inkjet printer, and make copies of everything so that it all lays flat. Ahahaha!! Yes I am killing trees, just bite me. T___T;; But I can’t stand the sight of curly paper!! That drives me insane!! So when I got back to work, my desk was filled with curly paper!! Noooo!!! I thought I was gonna have a minor heart attack right then and there!! @____@;; You better believe that my ass took all that paper to the copy machine and made copies of everything!! Ah…. (*Sigh of relief) Flat paper… Its gorgeous. Lol!! And just a side note, but I don’t use paperclips either, I only use binder clips cuz paperclips leave a wrinkle where you clipped it at. Bite me again. X_____X;;