VCed With Le Hubby + Lookin’ Dilated And Shit O__O

MOOD: (High)
Quote Of The Day: “My pupils are dilated, and they won’t go back to normal. I look high. @____@;;” -Oranjuse

Super sleepy. Ugh! I feel so cheated out of my weekends. Almost like someone cuts my weekends short by a few hours each day. I woke up around 10ish today like I always do on weekends remember its not by choice, its due to my LDR >_> And I text Kenny to tell him I’m awake. Kenny calls and we’re talkin’and he had a couple of drinks yes again but no he’s not alcoholic, at least not yet I don’t think @___@;; And he kept on nagging me to video chat. What?? I kept on saying no, but then his damn phone battery died and I had no choice but to hop online to find him. So finally I was like screw it. I threw on a t-shirt, pulled my hair back, and we video chatted. Lol! I hate video chatting with him in the mornings, cuz its his evening time and he’s dressed pretty decent, but I am always in the “just getting up” stage, and am forever lookin’ like asswipe!! Well we ended up video chatting for over 2 hours. It was going on his 3am at this point. I have to admit that video chatting is very addicting. Who doesn’t wanna talk to someone face to face right? Now I’m wondering if he’s gonna want to video chat every weekend, Lord please save this sleep deprived girl name Juse. >_> He asked me what I had planned today, and I told him I had to go to the eye doctors, cuz I needed new contacts. Please tell me why this fool said “Try not to wear contacts if you don’t have to.” I was like um, I know you might not know this. But my ass is blind as a bat if I don’t have my contacts in!! Lol. And I HATE wearing my glasses cuz I don’t look good in glasses, plus the bridge of my nose is really Asian meaning its very low, and it doesn’t even hold up my glasses. #asianbodyflaw So anyways, it was time for my appointment so I had to log off. I have a love hate relationship about video chatting with Kenny. Of course I love it, but at the same time, it only makes me miss him more, and I feel so depressed after we log off. *Le Sigh*

So I go in for my 2:30pm appointment and the office is packed. WTF is up with everyone try to get their peepers checked out the same day I do? Ugh! So I wait for about 45 minutes although I was on time for my appointment. I guess when one person before you is late, it makes everyone have to roll back. Basically there are 3 tests you do when you’re getting contacts. The first one, is they make you look into a monitor and identify these little squiggly lines that pop up. You’re supposed to hit a little clicker button every time you see the little squiggly line. I have to admit this is a little fun. The next test however is one that I super dread. Its to test out the curvature of my eyeball. You stare into this little lens thing, and the damn machine blows air into your eyeball. Auhhh!!! Its like the scariest thing ever!! My eyelid is batting like crazy, cuz I’m scared of the air, and that only prolongs the process. #fml So it takes forever. Then of course you get the typical, “read this row of letters” kind of test to test out your actual vision. That one stresses me out. Ugh. But finally after all the tests, doc told me my eyes were healthy other than the fact that I can’t see shit without contacts, and that my prescription was pretty steady, so I finally got me contacts! Woohoo!

Then the doc had a talk with me, and asked me if I brought my glasses with me. I said yes, cuz I knew I had to take out my contacts in order to do the test, so she said it would be a good time to check out the veins in my eyeballs, so she has to dilate my pupils. Ok, doesn’t bother me much I guess I just have to wear glasses for a few hours. How about afterwards I couldn’t really see shit!! Auhh!! And when I looked in the mirror, my pupils were super dilated!! I looked like I was high as hell!! Lol. Usually when you shine light into your eyes, your pupils shrink to limit the amount of light it lets in. Nope. Mine were dilated, and stuck there. #optomefail I posted it on Facebook, and Ashia who works at Lens Crafters told me that it could dilate anywhere from a few hours to a whole day. What?? You mean I’m gonna look high as hell all day? O’man. Fine. I head to OMX to make my planner, and they were having all kinds of machine malfunctions and I ended up spending over an hour there to print out 4 sheets of paper. #nationalfailday But I’m glad I finally got it done! Whew!! Now to transfer all the info from the old planner to the new one. That means hand copying over any new info, so that’ll probably take a few more days. Booo!!!


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  1. Just how “blind” are u w/o ur contacts? Are u even able to read the typical “read the row” chart w/o any glasses? Last year at my physical exam, the doc asst asked me to stand at the line, and when I realized that she was about to test my vision, I said, “I can’t see anything!” And I literally can’t see any of the letters in any of the rows! I believe the biggest letter was a blur too, haha. Not funny…my eyesight’s so blind from sitting in front of the comp that I told Steve I was going to wear glasses walking down the aisle bc I wouldn’t be able to see him. I’m sooo blind that when I see “35 mi,” “reduced speed limit” signs, I literally see a sign w/ blank on them, lol. When I’m on the interstate, I can’t see what’s on the BIG green exit sign that’s above our head, until I’m literally right under it! I can’t see a person’s face well if ure more than 5ft away from me. Steve was about 7ft away from me last night and I asked if he was looking at me, lol. I don’t wear glasses unless I’m going somewhere new. Otherwise, I know my traveled roads pretty well…I know all the turns too. So…are u worse than me???

    • Ok, first of all, if you are that blind then you need to wear ur glasses all the time go. How the hell do you drive?? That’s scary. Lol. I think you described me down to a T… Cuz that’s exactly how I am without my glasses. I don’t know what your prescription is but mine is -5.5, which s pretty high technically. But its been pretty consistent for the past 4 years so that’s good. At least its not getting worse. I think its cuz reason A feeds me a lot of carrots. Lol. She use to make me eat carrots everyday until she read somewhere that eating too many carrots makes you infertile. Ahaha. WTF. >_>

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