Canton Trip 2011 Throwback: All Aboard!

MOOD: (Reminiscing)
Quote Of The Day: “There’s a possibility that I might actually like kids on the down low.” -Unnie

So since there was not too much to do at work today, I decided to organize my pictures again. Yes I can organize the same pics over and over again. #shuddup I was so relieved that I had already taken all these pics and stuff off my computer and put them on a portable hard drive, cuz had I lost these when my computer crashed, I think I would have cried myself to death. X_____X;; Sometimes we have nothing left but memories #thatwaspoetic and its so nice to be able to go back and look at old pictures. I browsed through the over 6GB of pics and videos that me and Kenny took when I went to Canton. I realized that I never posted up any of the videos! Lol. There is this really long video of me and Kenny rowing a boat at the Veterans Center Park, and its freakin’ hilarious! That’s when I realized that I am a really dramatic person. And the fact that I scream a lot. #dontjudgeme When reason A saw the video when I first came back, she was cracking the hell up. She asked me what I was screaming about, and I didn’t know!! I was just screaming cuz that’s what I do best! #hubbahubba It always cracks Kenny up. Lol. But without further ado. Here goes me in all my foolish glory! =P

Kenny: We’re gonna record this.
Kenny: I don’t think you have enough memory left on this card.
Me: Yes I do!
Kenny: It’ll only do a few minutes I think.
Me: Well I still have a 4GB one.
Kenny: Lets go see what they’re doing over there. (*Points to the right)
Me: Ok, let’s go be nosey!
Me: What are they doing? Singing traditional opera? O_o
Kenny: Hurry! Record this…
Me: WTH… -____-;;
Kenny: At least the scenery is nice!
Kenny: I hope you know I have a boat license.
(*WTF is a boat license… >_>)
Me: This is what not to do when you’re driving. (*Stares at boat in front)
Me: You see this? Stuck in the middle of a bridge!
Me: Not good…
Kenny: We’ll let them pass, they’re suck in there and can’t get out.
Me: (*Sigh) Lord save me, they are obviously incapable. >_>
Kenny: Hold on, let me move over.
Me: Auhh!! (*Faints*) Please don’t come near us!!
Me: Auhhhh!!! (*Crashes into oncoming boat)
Kenny: Why does it feel like we’re on a bus? -__-;;
Me: Help!! There’s traffic!
Kenny: See? No one can think and act faster than me. =)
Me: There’s traffic in the water. -___-;;
Me: Why the hell is that boat STILL stuck under the bridge? >_>
Kenny: Cuz he doesn’t know how to U turn. >_<
Kenny: He’s congesting the whole underpass.
Me: *FAINTS* It’s a traffic accident!
Me: (*Humming) Lets go!! Auhhh!! (*Random screams for no reason)
Me: (*More random humming)
Kenny: Here goes your driving test, see if you can go through the bridge.
Me: Auhh!! (*Screams cuz my boat’s sail hits bridge)
Kenny: (*Cracks up)
Me: Guess I’m most suitable driving something with wheels. @___@;;
Me: (*Throws up peace sign)
Kenny: Hold on a sec…
Me: (*Turns to look at camera, turns to look forward, etc.) I’m looking forward, I’m pretending to be cute, I’m lookin’ forward, I’m pretending to be cute!
Me: Auhhhh!!! (*Random screams for no reason again >_>)
Kenny: Woman, stop screaming. We’re only going 3 miles per hour. -_____-;;
Me: But its so dangerous and exciting! (*WTF was I talkin’ about??)
Kenny: Speak English so your viewers can understand what’s going on
Me: This is me driving a boat. O___O;; (*pause) Auhhhh!!! (*Screams to camera)
Kenny: ROFL!!!
Me: Today, Juse is going to narrate this for you!
Kenny: You should do it in English. >_> Its harder to get famous if you narrate it in Chinese. XD
Kenny: (*In a sorry attempt to speak English) Speak English!
Me: So here we are, in this beautiful “don’t know” and we’re gonna go under this little bridge, see, this bridge. Auhhh!!!
(*We crash again… Thanks to me. T_____T;;)
Kenny: ROFLMAO!!
Me: Crap!! I gotta reverse!
Kenny: Here we go again… Com’on!
Me: Ok, so we obviously had a little bit of a problem right there. >_>
Kenny: LOL!!

OMFG. See how retarded I am?? I lost count of how many times I randomly screamed for no damn reason. Ahahaha!! Kenny turned to look at me and was like “You’re a screamer….” (*Gives me pervy look) Ahaha!! Oh dear. O___O;; But this was one of my favorite videos from the trip. We had a lot of fun in the park, and it wasn’t too hot that day, thank God. >_<

I really miss Canton and super miss Kenny!! Even though our trip was only 8 days. I totally fell in love with Canton, and can’t wait til I visit again but OMFG it cannot be in that heat anymore. X_____X;; I think I have a couple of more videos. I might post them later. >_>



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