And That is That, PERIOD. + Sleep Texting

MOOD: (Sleepy)
Quote Of The Day: “Easy reading is damn hard writing.” -Nathaniel Hawthorne

Ok, before I start on my post, any male readers I have, you are forewarned about this post because it will be about girly shit. #period So either skip this post or read if you are curious which I know most of you are secretly, but at the same time find this topic completely disgusting. >_> So I don’t know if this is true for everyone else, but my mood, affects my punctuation. Yes I am retarded and choose to call it “punctuation” instead of “period”. #dontjudgeme So since my last week was really traumatic, I already knew my punctuation would be thrown off schedule. The point of this post is not even to let the whole world know that my punctuation is off course, but to impose a question.

So does your BF or hubby know your punctuation schedule by heart? Cuz how about Kenny does. I always thought it was the weirdest thing. In matter of fact, he keeps better track of it than I do. #fml. He always tells me like a few days before it starts that I need to stop drinking cold water, and to make sure I keep warm and stuff so that I don’t cramp up that bad. It’s like an aww moment, but at the same time, it’s like WTF, why do you know more than me when I’m the one bleeding? Lol! I do have to say, in this aspect, he’s really considerate. And he’s totally hubby material. But it’s just weird to me that he knows my schedule. T_______T;; I remember a long time ago, when he initially found out. I felt shy about it cuz, well, I am a girl!! Gosh! (*Hides behind Mr. Teddy) But he didn’t think nothing of it!! He was like “There’s nothing wrong with me knowing. I’m your hubby, I should help you keep track of this stuff!” WTF? O_o In actuality, I know the reason why he’s so “interested” in my days, its cuz he wants to get me pregnant. Ahaha!! #truth He LOVES babies SO MUCH, that he can’t wait to have kids, and I know that’s the reason he always asks me about my punctuation. #daddydreams At night, he use to rub my tummy and say “This is where my baby is going to grow.” Ahaha!! WTF!!

So of course just like I had thought, my punctuation was late this month probably due to stress. A couple of days off, I can deal with that, but dude! It was like 5 days late! #fmltothefullest And I was getting worried too, cuz you know women have to guard that like their lives. Lol. But how about everyday Kenny would ask me if it came or not, and I’d be like no, and he’d be like >_>. So by day 4, he was like “Do I need to take you to the doctor??” Lol!! Why are you getting anxious?? No I’m not pregnant. Get your shit together. How long have I been back already? (*Pets him). I need him to stop trying to conspire against me. Lol… So do all BFs keep track of this shit? O_o I’m just curious. #concerned

Last night I was sleep texting with Runa. I was so knocked out from staying up past midnight the night before watching the Spring Festival Gala, which sucked Chinese fish balls this year. They must be cutting back. T_____T;; But anywho’s so I was super knocked out. Apparently I can have full blown conversations as I am sleeping and not even know it. Then I ended up having some odd dream about stealing someone’s specifically some Russian girl’s red plastic bird toy that was really a bluetooth headset #wtf, then I  woke up to the reality that I had to get up for work. Nooooo!! Its gonna be a long day. I’m about to pass out. X______X;;


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