Chinese New Years Pt. Dos + Ella No Bueno + Hubby Withdrawal

MOOD: (Bloated)
Quote Of The Day: “Haha, love your blogs. Its always so angry, and its not like anyone provoked you, you just attack air. Lol.” -Lili

Annnnd the celebration continues with Chinese New Years. Lol. We had hot pot yesterday, and the day before that we had fish, and the day before that reason A made Chestnut Chicken. We’re just having shit all out of order. On New Years Eve, we’re supposed to have dumplings. But since reason A makes dumplings like no one’s business, its no longer specially so we don’t have it for a special occasion. Lol!! Today we are having hot pot round 2! Ya’ll just don’t know but hot pot is the bee’s knees! That is the lamest phrase I have ever heard, but since everyone uses it, I thought I’d use it too. Hot pot is super good when the weather is really cold outside. Cuz you literally are eating out of a boiling pot of soup so if its hot outside already then you’re just asking for a heat stroke. Lol.

Unfortunately I feel like ass today. #firstworldpainsofwomen And I’m crampin’ up like a mofo. The fact that the damn rain hasn’t let up is not helping either. It just puts me in a grouchy mood with that and my cramping. Blah! The only good thing I have to look forward to right now is hot pot for dinner. Woohoo!!

So an update on Ella. She died again last night. Ugh!! Somehow I can’t prevent the damn computer from updating! WTH is wrong with you?? So it works good until it automatically updates, and then it jacks up again. #igivetheeffup It really is time for a new computer. T______T;; #laptophereicome

So this whole week, Kenny has been out of town. He always goes out of town during New Years, because he has a lot of relatives scattered around Canton. And around New Years, he has to go visit everyone on behalf of his immediate family to wish them Happy New Years. #verychinese This year is even worse, cuz he had to help his brother out at the expo. So I didn’t talk to him that much all last week. Not much is actually an hour a day on the phone. Shuddup. >_> But I’m so freakin’ happy he’s finally going back to Canton tomorrow. Woohoo!! That means everything goes back to normal for me. Kenny is my morning call and I’m so use to it, that I feel like my mornings get thrown off course, when I don’t talk to him first thing in the morning. Boooo!!! He’s been calling me every day after he gets home #brothershome And that’s always about midnight or one a.m. He didn’t call at all today, and I got a little worried, but he just called a sec ago #nowhis3am. Cuz he fell asleep since he was drunk. #newyearsfail He’s a light drinker, so if he drank like everyone else, he’d end up under the table in no time. Ahahaha!! I shouldn’t be laughing cuz I get tispy after 3 drinks. >_>  So he called me and told me this was his 3rd attempt at calling me cuz every time he tries to call me, he falls asleep, and then wakes up with his phone in his hand, and realizes that he never made the call! *SUPER FAILS* Ahaha!! Poor baby. (*Pets him) So I told him to go back to sleep. He’ll call me when he gets back home tomorrow. Yays! #hubbywithdrawal

After work today I have to go to Chinatown to buy some really Chinese things for reason A, and I HATE going there. I hate the sight of my own folks. They make me freakin’ sick. I also have to go pick up a copy of the Spring Festival Gala on DVD for her. Well for me too, cuz I do like watching it. It’s basically the show they put on once a year with a ton of celebrities celebrating the New Year. Kenny hates watching it, cuz its filled with Northerners, and he’s a Southerner. Why the hell do we get along? I have no clue. >_> Ugh. I don’t wanna go. I feel like asswipe. T_______T;;


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