Death To Ella (Again) + Pen Newbies + Tax Me!

MOOD: (Dizzy)
Quote Of The Day: “We gotta go to Mings next time. They’re really authentic. And I k n ow this cuz of 3 reasons. The food is good, the place is crowded, and the waitress is mean. XD” -Oranjuse

Ok, so this post is probably gonna be a mix of a bunch of random crap. Brace yourselves my die-hard fans. Lol. So Friday was pretty rough, I ended up having to stay late after work cuz the Bossman decided that 10 minutes before its time to go was a “great time” for a meeting. FML for having a spontaneous boss. T______T;; So I ended up getting off work like 40 minutes late! Nooooo!!! I hate when he pulls that crap cuz meetings should one, not be on short notice, unless we have breaking news like we got bought out or some sitcom shit like that, and two is that meetings should always be during regular office hours, unless it involves free food and alcohol which I will then still complain about in my head but be too drunk to verbalize it. >_>. I am on salary so these odd hour meetings = no bueno! >_< Anyways, so since Chase finally decided to get their shit together, and release my funds, reason A told me to stop by the store and pick up some last minute ingredients. Of course, she is missing ingredients. That’s how she operates. I’m surprised she doesn’t tell me as I am about to dig in to eat. >_>

So its raining, which sucks double chocolate balls, and then I have to make a run to the bank, and the store which sucks even more, cuz I HATE running errands in the rain. Ugh! But finally we got everything taken care of. And for the like 3rd time, I had to load Windows 7 on my computer again. T______T;; #wtfiswrongwithyouella I realized that Ella is fine until I have to do a Windows update, forcefully, and then she crashes every time after the update without fail. No clue why that is. Is my computer just too damn old to handle updates?? Really? #ellausuck So I’ve definitely only decided to install the most basic of basic shit, cuz it seems like I have to reinstall the damn thing every 48 hours! Auhhh!!! Its definitely time for a new computer. Yes I am still in denial and I refuse to accept it. So bite me. =P

Last time I went to Target to pick up some necessities, I saw my nemesis. PENS. They had new pens on the shelves folks. Please don’t beat me up (*Stares at Tanya) But it was calling my name. And of all kinds, it had to be multi-colored. #seductionfail So I was lured into the endcap of aisle 5. Lol. While staring at it in all its glory, my hands started to reach up. I knew it was going to happen. Like an abusive relationship, I keep going back. I.NEED.MORE.PENS.XD Or so my brain tells me. Lol. Needless to say, a pack came home with me. >_> #donotjudgeme I confided in Runa less than an hour of buying them, because she shares in my pen obsession and understand the “power” that pens can have over us. It was my way of repenting I suppose. Lol! And she was like “I wanna see!!” But anyways, here are my new babies to add to le collection… XD

If I were to rate them, I’d have to say the outer appearance get a 5, and writing gets a 6 maybe. The reason I got them was cuz they were pretty cheap. Less than $3 a pack, and two cuz recently Papermate has changed their ink formula. About a year ago I bought two Papermate pens in black ink #ballpoint and the formula was surprisingly smooth. Definitely not something I was expecting from a Papermate pen since they are pretty low on the pyramid. So when I saw that they had multi-colored ones, I jumped for joy thinking they will be the same ink formula as the black ones I bought last time, but they weren’t. #ubberdisappointment But still, they write pretty decent for the price.

I woke up super early this morning to go file my taxes. It’s a damn shame I have to pay to get my taxes done when I have like 3 accountants in my family #familyfail But it is what it is. I’d rather pay and get my shit done right then have a relative do my shit and do half ass job. So glad I got that done. It is my favorite time of year cuz I usually get a pretty decent tax return. This year, I’m gonna have to guard that shit with my life. There are distinct goals I have to meet, and things I am saving up for so I CANNOT and WILL NOT stray from those goals. After I finish writing this blog, my ass is gonna sit down and budget til my little heart yells at me. Lol. Budgeting is something I always start off right and end up wrong. Must change that. Ugh!!


2 Responses

  1. Oh c’mon!! Get ur finances together!! Ud almost rather die of starvation than to give up ur obsession w/ pens! Shame, shame, shame!! I can’t stop shaking my head…

  2. Those pens are beautiful!

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