Groceries For An Army + Windows 7 Moves In + Enslaved Hubby

MOOD: (Super Sleepy)
Quote Of The Day: “If she doesn’t come, then go harder!!” -Intern Roger

If I had to use one word to describe how I feel right now, it would be… SLEEPY AS HELL. Oh shit. That’s 3 words. Oh well. But man am I zoned out today! I slept really late last night. Me and reason A made a grocery store run after I got off work. Thank goodness traffic was pretty decent going home, cuz it was MLK day. Unfortunately I didn’t have the day off yesterday! They would deprive me of the one Black man’s holiday. -___-;; We made a trip to MegaMart. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a Korean grocery store #monopolylikeamofo that is actually attached to Gwinnett Mall. When they were first building it, I thought it was the dumbest thing ever! Who would want to grocery shop at a mall? I thought it didn’t go together, was super ghetto, and didn’t know how people would view you as you shopped for clothes with 2 grocery bags of ham hocks in your hand. >_>. But all in all, its alright. Their business is pretty crappy, but damn they are cheap. They sell stuff like 2 or 3lbs at a time, for the price of one pound. And reason A loves her some deals, so once a month she forces me to go there and stock up on random cheap shit. The reason I hate going there is cuz they got like 50 entrances. No joke. Half of them lead to the upper level and half are for the lower level. The upper level sells clothing and the lower level sells groceries. The frustration comes in when you park on the upper level, and check out your groceries on the lower level. #failureinarchitecture So when we are about to leave the store, and I realize that I parked on the wrong level, I always have to go outside, and drive all the way around to the other door to pick up reason A. That’s a pain in my pale Asian ass!! Since I rarely go there, I always forget which door I’m supposed to be at! Ugh!! Frustration two comes in when I realize that reason A attempts to buy out the whole store every time we go. T____T;; So yesterday we bought like 10lbs of potato, 10lbs of broccoli, 10lbs of beets, 10lbs of onion, 10lbs of radish, and 40lbs of rice, along with like 5 cans of sesame seed oil, and 25 gallons of soy sauce. Uh, REALLY??? Is you hiding some babies from me?? Cuz I know all that food is not going towards feeding me! >_> And who the hell wants to eat 10lbs of beets anyways? WTF. Anywho, to make a long story short. After she cleaned out the store, it was about 8pm when we got home. Of course she thought it would be a great idea to start making a stew. Yes, there’s nothing like making a fresh stew at 9pm at night while your starving daughter stares you down in the kitchen. She turns to me and says, “Here, have a radish…” *FAILS*

So while reason A was working on dinner, I thought it would be a good time to go and reformat my computer and install Windows 7. Yeahhh baby!! Lol. Being the clueless yet proud person that I am. I went to the good ol’trusty Google, and first looked up the steps. Still not sure what I’m suppose to be doing, I decided to pop in the boot disc for Windows 7, since I had no damn clue where my Vista boot disc was since that was many light years ago. >_>. I read online that you don’t need your original boot disc, just boot with the Windows 7 disc, and it will ask you if you want to reformat and install Windows 7. So I was like kool. Sounds simple enough. It didn’t prompt me like it said it would, but after an hour or so I eventually got it workin’. I thought my harddrive was going to get cleaned out and I’d start with an almost empty hard drive, but that didn’t happen cuz all Windows did was compressed all my old files including Vista I think and stuck it in a folder. Ahaha!! WTF? So today when I get home, I have to go through the procedures to delete those. Ugh!! Frustration. So I stayed up super late actually just midnight but since I’m old as dirty, that’s pretty late for me >_> installing Windows 7, and then Office. Gotta have those. Tonight, I have to struggle to install everything else that’s a pain, like Chinese. O___O;;

Poor Kenny is really busy this week. He went to another city to go help his brother out. I think his brother is trying to start up his own business? So he needs a hand, and since Kenny is not preoccupied with anything at the moment, he’s basically serving as free labor. Lol!! He told me its ok, since it’s family, and this will give him an opportunity to learn the ropes of starting a business. Me and him plan on starting one when we get settled down. He’s been there two days now, and he’s been out “working” til really late, and doesn’t get to rest til like 1am!! He almost sounds dead over the phone! (*Pets him) >_< I’m gonna have to have a talk with his bro. You can’t be abusing the hubby man!! Arg! (*Growls at him) Lol. I think Kenny doesn’t get good reception where he’s at, so this morning he didn’t call to wake me up. Threw me all kinds of off! So I was running late this morning. Later he got online and IMed me so I can call him. He said he tried calling me this morning, but he couldn’t dial out for some reason. Booo!! That sucks hairy monkey balls. >_< He said it felt weird not calling me in the morning cuz he’s so use to doing it, so it felt like he missed a meal or something. FML cuz he thinks of me as a meal. ROFLMAO. But anyways, hope he gets through this week alive! But BOOOO cuz I don’t get to talk to him as much this week cuz he’s busy. (*Insert sad face here: >_<)

I hope I don’t fall asleep while driving home today. I’d hate to do it, but I’m about to starve, so I’m gonna have to hit up my favorite joint on this ghetto block, and that is… Wendy’s! Lol.


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