Dust Bunnies, Here I Comeith!

MOOD: (I Shall Fix U Magically)
Quote Of The Day: “I thought about what you said, and you said, if there’s anything you can’t figure out once you open up the computer then you’ll take a picture and email it to me, but then I was like, if you took apart the computer already. How you gonna email it to me?? *FAILS!*” -Kenny

So I talked to Kenny early in the morning and totally spent an hour venting to him about my whole computer crash ordeal! He of course like always, patiently listened as I vented to my little heart’s content. Lol. Then he also confirmed what Kinh said, and said that it was probably my fans that gave out. He told me how to take them out, how to clean them, etc. I told him I was terrified, cuz I don’t know much about hardware, and I didn’t want to unscrew the wrong thing. He said, “You’re smart! You’ll figure it out once you’re lookin’ at it!” WTF. That was definitely a compliment, but I however was not confident at all. Ugh!! So finally today I decided to tackle 2 things. One, clean the fans like he taught me, and two, organize my pen empire! Muahaha. So lets talk about task #1. It was cold outside, but I knew my computer was really dirty and dusty so I had to take it outside to clean. I threw on some sweats, took a table outside in my back yard, and proceeded to tackle the tower. Ladies and gents… I knew there was gonna be a lot of dust up in there, but I DID NOT however know, that my ass was opening up the box that would lead to the Sahara Desert!! Take a look at this shit!!

I was debating on whether or not I should post this pic cuz it is SOOO nasty. I’ve owned a few computers in my life, and have opened up one other one in addition to this but this has got to be the worst I’ve ever seen in my life! Auhhhhh!!! I wanted to throw up just lookin’ at it much less have to actually clean that shit, but I did feel very guilty and bad that I put my poor computer through that. And that the poor thing was still trying to function in those awful conditions!! #ownerissowwy The only bad news was I didn’t have any more canned air at home. Auhhh!!! How do you clean a computer with no canned air?? Folks, that shit is expensive! Its like $10. Ugh. I had a little bit left, so I used that, and the rest; believe it or not I cleaned out with Q-Tips. Yes, I know that’s odd, but it worked out great cuz the dust was so old and thick that it came off in damn chunks, all you had to do was poke at it. They weren’t even dust bunnies, they were dust lions. *FAILS*. Sorry to describe the nasty details so clearly, but at least you didn’t have to be present during the cleaning. >_> I got confused, cuz Kenny said that there was at least one fan, sometimes two. I gotta unassembled them, clean them, lubricate them and then put them back in. But when I opened the tower, I saw 3 fans. O_o? One I couldn’t even reach, cuz I had to unassembled a whole box which I was not planning to do, and the other two right on the surface. I unassembled the bottom two, and cleaned them out thoroughly. The top one that I couldn’t reach, I just stuck a Q-Tip in through the vent, and cleaned each propeller that way. I think the whole process took about 2 hours. SUCCESS. After doing all that, I put the thing back together. This was the time of truth folks. Is after I plug it in, will it come back on and load? Lol!!! I was pretty nervous. Results?? It turned on just fine!! Woohoo!!! However the computer didn’t get any faster, but it was quiet as a baby sleeping!! O’man. I haven’t heard such a beautiful sound from my computer in a long time!! I was so freakin’ happy! I was really proud of myself, since it was my first time doing it. Yays! But at the same time, I thought to myself, you know what? As much of an independent woman as I think I am, and as much as I’d hate to admit it, there are just some things, you need a man for. Now for all you independent women out there, I’m sure you don’t have any problem changing your own tires, or taking apart your own CPU, but in Juse’s case; those are just not my things! True, I’ve changed out my own car battery before, but that’s about where I draw the line. At times like these, I’m grateful for the man in my life. Just wished he was closer. >_<



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