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99 Problems, And The B!tch Is One!

Quote Of The Day: “I wanna smack her.” -Intern Jon

Lots of shit to talk about today so let’s get started.  Yesterday my computer at work was acting up. For some damn reason, after it did a Windows update, I couldn’t see my printer or any printers networked to my computer anymore. Not only that, I also couldn’t open up some software. WTF was going on?? Ugh!! I’m having like the worst luck ever with computers these days. Finally I decided to restore the computer to how it was 4 days ago before the update, and then suddenly everything started working again. Thank you Lord Jesus!! But I got happy too soon cuz after I got home, my computer at home died after being very good to me for 5 days. #fmlagain X___X;;

Yesterday was a super crucial day for me at work cuz my damn internet at work kept dying. That meant that me and Kenny’s convos were getting interrupted every five freakin’ minutes!! So damn frustrating, arg!! I hate when our “quality time” which is actually my work time gets interrupted! The bad part is I get upset when I have to do real work while we are chatting too, even though I know I’m at work, WTF. >_> Then after the internet got fixed, I was having the printer problem. Finally it’s time to get off work, and I let out a sigh of relief, only to find myself getting off of 285 fast, but being stuck in traffic on Buford Hwy. Nooooz!!! I HATE getting stuck in traffic on Buford Hwy, cuz I feel like I’m so freakin’ close to home! Traffic should only be allowed on the freeway and not on local roads. I don’t get how that happens!! It took me over a freakin’ hour to drive like 8 miles! WTF!! Granted I was on the phone with Unnie the whole time so I wasn’t THAT bored, but still!! I don’t think I have a big road rage problem, but at times when I’m stuck in traffic like that I can’t help but curse a lot, sigh heavily, and have the urge to give the international hand gesture for F U. >_> Though I am way too timid to actually do that, in fear for my little Asian life. >_< So then I get home only to find my computer has died again, and there’s no way to revive it so I have to reinstall the whole damn thing again. Auhhh!!! #uptheasswithnojelly

All that aside, I think the stress is starting to make me eat more. Great, another addition to my problems is like an extra 5lbs to go with that. Blah! #stresswithasideoffat I’ve been eating like a damn pig for the past few days!! What in the world?? I’ve been eating random fast food every single day. This is not good on so many levels. I can’t tell if I’m eating cuz I’m really that starving or cuz I’m so frustrated I need to eat!! The long drives home are not helping me either. I get really hungry during that time, and it’s harder to control myself when food is staring at me in the face. #teamfries Ugh. I gotta carry around a damn carrot or something . >_>

This morning I spent the whole morning venting and complaining to Kenny about my retarded intern. Yes we are talkin’ about the same retarded girl in my last post about being nosey. Today she gets a name, and I no longer call her Generic Intern Girl Day # (insert how many days she’s been here). So Intern Emily is literally the slowest damn girl I have ever seen in my life. I have a lot of friends that have blonde moments, but this girl is like a damn dodo bird!! She’s more than just a few fries short of a happy meal. The girl is SLOW. Like S-L-O-W!! I hate complaining to Kenny about my interns cuz I complain about every damn intern. He must think I am the most difficult person to work with EVER. But it’s really not me, it’s really them. #stopgivingmethatlook Like I said on my Facebook. I speak Chinese, I speak English, I even speak Korean, but I DO NOT speak Dumbass. >_> Usually Kenny takes the side of the interns, and tells me that since they’re newbies I have to not be so expectant of them. They’re young, clueless and that’s normal. But today, he couldn’t do anything but laugh. #itwasthatbad So I started telling him some of the retarded stuff she did. Like how when we first met, she asked to see his picture. #stillawtfmomentforme And recently, there has been 2 more moments.

Retarded Intern Emily Example 1:
So last week we got some silk flowers from a client. She brought over the flower arrangement for our office. It was a vase of tulips. Personally I can tell they are fake cuz they were in a glass vase, but didn’t have water in the vase. Obviously real flowers need water right? So that should tell you right there that they are fake flowers. Fine, you’re slow, so you don’t realize. Intern Emily didn’t notice the flowers until this week, although they are sitting right in the middle of the room. So this week when she finally saw the flowers, she went up to it. Now please forgive me for using logic of a normal person, with average IQ, but usually when we are examining flowers and we don’t know if they are real or not what do we do? First, we look at it with the naked eye. Many times, we can tell just by looking at it, if the flowers are real or fake. Fine, if that test fails, what do we usually do next? I don’t know about ya’ll, but the next thing I would do is touch it. If you can’t tell the difference between fabric or plastic flowers verses real ones by touch, then we have other problems to worry about. But this home girl right here, in all her slow glory decides to skip all that and go straight to “smelling” it. O____O;; Then she has the audacity to come back to me and say this, and I quote: “Who gave us those useless flowers? They don’t even smell good!” I stop what I’m doing, put my pen down, and look up at her. I stare at her to make sure she doesn’t have a smirk on her face, like she’s joking, and I didn’t know what to think cuz this girl was damn serious about her question. I was like WTFDUJS? (What The F@ck Did You Just Say?) I said, “Girl, those flowers are fake. Now why in the world would you think they are real? They look fake, they feel fake!” At that time I didn’t know she didn’t take a close look or feel them. Then she replied “Oh, no wonder, cuz I just smelled them and they didn’t smell like anything.” *FAILS THE WHOLE FEMALE POPULATION* X_____X;;*

Retarded Intern Emily Example 2:
Last Friday when we were leaving. I got in my car first. Intern Emily came out after me, and proceeded to try and open the car door of the car next to me. I waited for her to get in the car so I could back out of the spot without side whacking her since the parking was tight. Intern Emily has a white Toyota Camry. (*Sidenote here: My intern Jon has a white BMW) So after like a 10 minute struggle. I look in the rear view mirror thinking to myself, what is the hold up?? I see her there struggling to get the door open, and then suddenly she said “Oh no!!” And then I see her walk around the space, behind the car, and around to the “other white car” that was parked next to this white car. Now I stop and think to myself. Did this damn fool just stand there with her key, trying to open Intern Jon’s car? Yes she just damn did. One, I’m mad you have no clue where you parked this morning. Two, I am mad you mistook a BMW for your Toyota Camry. Three, I am mad it took you 10 minutes to figure out that you were essentially trying to “break into” someone else’s car with your key. WTF just happened here?? Tell me my ass did not just witness the hot mess that just happened??

Kenny was rolling by this point. He said “poor girl”. No baby!! Not “poor girl” it should be “poor Juse” for having to put up with this shit!! You know there’s that song, “How Low Can You Go?” Well her theme song is “How Slow Can You Go?” All I could do was just shake my head. Everyone in the damn company wants to pet her. Kenny said just use her as your source of entertainment at work. But I can’t even do that cuz I’m constantly in a state of shock! I was complaining to Kenny, cuz when we go on this business trip next month, me and her have to share a room. Oh noooooz!!! #ratherbestabbedinmybuttocks I don’t want to room with her!! But since she is the only other female, and times are rough, they have decided it would be more economical to put us in the same room. Auhhhh!!! How am I suppose to call reason A, how am I suppose to call Kenny at night?? Her nosey ass will be all up in my business, and since we will not be on company property, I cannot promise that I can control my temper and not bite her head off!! Kenny said “This is a test for you Honey.” Yes it is a test!! Its to test my damn patience!! Not to see how long I can deal with her, but to see how many minutes I can last before I pimp slap the dumb out her head! She is slow as a mofo!! Ugh!! #whyme

New Planner 2012… FINALLY!

MOOD: (Whew!)
Quote Of The Day: “Turd! Turd!” -Mikey

What is up with me and computers recently? First the damn home computer wants to act up and today I spent the whole day trying to fix my computer at work. Auhhh!! #ineedanitdude But finally by the end of the day I figure it out, therefore I’m running late on blogging. #moreimportantstuffers Other than fixing my computer at work, I spent the rest of the time transferring info over from my old planner to the new one! So I wanted to show everyone the finished product! Yays!

Front Cover

Front Inside Cover

Back Inside Cover

Back Cover

Isn’t it adorable?? Sorry about the glare. Lol!! I design a new one every year. The planner is bought. They sell it at OMX for like $21.99? Ugh. Kind of expensive, but considering its for a whole year, I guess its ok. I hate the plain black leather covers that come with it, so I decided to design my own covers. I think this must be like my 7th or 8th one? I’ve been doing this for the longest. A couple of years, I had mini ones, but with my job now, there is just too much crap to remember, so ever since I started working for this company, I’ve opted for the larger planner. This time when I went to OMX, there was only one left!! OMFG!! I felt so lucky. I refuse to use another brand or layout. I like the way this planner is laid out. 2 pages for one week, and the lines are horizontal. It’s a weekly planner. Monthly doesn’t give me enough space, and daily is way too thick. This one is literally perfect for my needs! I basically design 4 panels. Front cover, back cover, and two inside covers. I think it turned out cute! First time I ever used light colors. I usually use really dark colors. Guess I was feelin’ all girly girly when I designed this a few weeks ago. Lol. XD

VCed With Le Hubby + Lookin’ Dilated And Shit O__O

MOOD: (High)
Quote Of The Day: “My pupils are dilated, and they won’t go back to normal. I look high. @____@;;” -Oranjuse

Super sleepy. Ugh! I feel so cheated out of my weekends. Almost like someone cuts my weekends short by a few hours each day. I woke up around 10ish today like I always do on weekends remember its not by choice, its due to my LDR >_> And I text Kenny to tell him I’m awake. Kenny calls and we’re talkin’and he had a couple of drinks yes again but no he’s not alcoholic, at least not yet I don’t think @___@;; And he kept on nagging me to video chat. What?? I kept on saying no, but then his damn phone battery died and I had no choice but to hop online to find him. So finally I was like screw it. I threw on a t-shirt, pulled my hair back, and we video chatted. Lol! I hate video chatting with him in the mornings, cuz its his evening time and he’s dressed pretty decent, but I am always in the “just getting up” stage, and am forever lookin’ like asswipe!! Well we ended up video chatting for over 2 hours. It was going on his 3am at this point. I have to admit that video chatting is very addicting. Who doesn’t wanna talk to someone face to face right? Now I’m wondering if he’s gonna want to video chat every weekend, Lord please save this sleep deprived girl name Juse. >_> He asked me what I had planned today, and I told him I had to go to the eye doctors, cuz I needed new contacts. Please tell me why this fool said “Try not to wear contacts if you don’t have to.” I was like um, I know you might not know this. But my ass is blind as a bat if I don’t have my contacts in!! Lol. And I HATE wearing my glasses cuz I don’t look good in glasses, plus the bridge of my nose is really Asian meaning its very low, and it doesn’t even hold up my glasses. #asianbodyflaw So anyways, it was time for my appointment so I had to log off. I have a love hate relationship about video chatting with Kenny. Of course I love it, but at the same time, it only makes me miss him more, and I feel so depressed after we log off. *Le Sigh*

So I go in for my 2:30pm appointment and the office is packed. WTF is up with everyone try to get their peepers checked out the same day I do? Ugh! So I wait for about 45 minutes although I was on time for my appointment. I guess when one person before you is late, it makes everyone have to roll back. Basically there are 3 tests you do when you’re getting contacts. The first one, is they make you look into a monitor and identify these little squiggly lines that pop up. You’re supposed to hit a little clicker button every time you see the little squiggly line. I have to admit this is a little fun. The next test however is one that I super dread. Its to test out the curvature of my eyeball. You stare into this little lens thing, and the damn machine blows air into your eyeball. Auhhh!!! Its like the scariest thing ever!! My eyelid is batting like crazy, cuz I’m scared of the air, and that only prolongs the process. #fml So it takes forever. Then of course you get the typical, “read this row of letters” kind of test to test out your actual vision. That one stresses me out. Ugh. But finally after all the tests, doc told me my eyes were healthy other than the fact that I can’t see shit without contacts, and that my prescription was pretty steady, so I finally got me contacts! Woohoo!

Then the doc had a talk with me, and asked me if I brought my glasses with me. I said yes, cuz I knew I had to take out my contacts in order to do the test, so she said it would be a good time to check out the veins in my eyeballs, so she has to dilate my pupils. Ok, doesn’t bother me much I guess I just have to wear glasses for a few hours. How about afterwards I couldn’t really see shit!! Auhh!! And when I looked in the mirror, my pupils were super dilated!! I looked like I was high as hell!! Lol. Usually when you shine light into your eyes, your pupils shrink to limit the amount of light it lets in. Nope. Mine were dilated, and stuck there. #optomefail I posted it on Facebook, and Ashia who works at Lens Crafters told me that it could dilate anywhere from a few hours to a whole day. What?? You mean I’m gonna look high as hell all day? O’man. Fine. I head to OMX to make my planner, and they were having all kinds of machine malfunctions and I ended up spending over an hour there to print out 4 sheets of paper. #nationalfailday But I’m glad I finally got it done! Whew!! Now to transfer all the info from the old planner to the new one. That means hand copying over any new info, so that’ll probably take a few more days. Booo!!!

Up Early + I Ran Errands! Nevermind. -__-

MOOD: (Arg!!)
Quote Of The Day: “Get up honey! I wanna see you! I don’t care if you look like asswipe! Tehehe.” -Kenny

Everyday this week as I’m driving home from work, I’ve been feelin’ like I’m gonna fall asleep at the wheel. #wannabedui And quite frankly its kinda scary. So its finally the weekend and I was like hell yeah!! Its just me and the bed, and Mr. Teddy!! Woohoo! But I ended up waking up early anyways. *FAILS* I guess cuz I missed Kenny. #shutyomouth I sent him a text to tell him I’m awake, and he called. Well, since we didn’t get to VC last weekend, he really wanted to VC today! I was like noooo!! Cuz I was still in bed, I looked like asswipe, and he always wants to VC when I’m not prepared! Ugh! I did want to VC cuz I haven’t seen him in 2 weeks, cuz of my computer problem, and it was Chinese New Years, so he was everywhere but home. But his spontaneity meant I always had to rush to make myself look semi-presentable. Nappy hair and oversized PJs is just not a sexy look for me. >_>  We video chatted for like an hour and a half, and we were both sleepy. I think it was about him 1am at this point, so we decided to say goodnight. Waking up early on the weekends is killin’ me!! But I feel so bad that he has to stay up so late so we can talk so I unwillingly drag my ass up early. Technically it’s not that early cuz it’s like 10am, but that’s still pretty early for me. >_< My weekend routine usually is never changing. I wake up, talk to Kenny. Get up to stuff my face, and then head back to bed for a much needed afternoon nap.  Then wake up in time for dinner #totalbum But no matter how much I sleep, I still feel sleepy! Auhh!! This afternoon I had to get some stuff done, so no afternoon nappy for me!! Boo!! I needed more contacts, so I had to make a trip to the eye doctors. I also need to stop by OMX to FINALLY get my planner made!! OMFG. I have been living a whole freakin’ month without a planner of any sort!! Can you even legally do that? #greatwaytostartnewyear But it was apparent that I was not with the program cuz I went to the eye doctor and come to find out I needed a new eye exam so I had to reschedule, and come back tomorrow. Noo!! I hate running errands on Sunday! Ugh!! Fine, whatever, I scheduled it for tomorrow for 2:30pm. Since that didn’t work out, I went to OMX to get my planner printed. As I pulled into the parking lot, it occurred to me that I didn’t bring my usb drive that my design was saved to. Auhhhh!!! #immensefailofanotherdemension How the hell do you not bring what you are printing to a printing place?? I must have been sleep driving. @____@;; Super upset with myself, I decided to go home and sleep it off. Ugh!! That’s how pathetic my Saturday was. T______T;;

I’m Gettin’ On A Jet Plane! (Not Right Now…)

MOOD: (Paying Attention)
Quote Of The Day: “People are ordering drinks to go… Only in Savannah.” -Unnie

I have realized what I am not good at and that is planning. You would think that I’d be completely owning of that skill since I’m so “obsessive” about my planner and so meticulous about writing every damn thing that happens in my life in it! #iusebutidontuse But that’s only cuz I like to be organized and I’m extremely anal. >_> As for following through with my plans. That’s a different story. Save money, lose weight, all my plans or “goals” have fallen through. The only thing I have been able to accomplish that I am probably most proud of thus far is that I got to go visit Kenny last year. True, Kenny helped on the plane ticket, but I also had to save money myself, and international travel at any point in time is expensive and it’s hard to pull money out my ass hard to do often. Since LDR are hard to maintain, especially across a distance this long, I have to learn how to budget. Its not even a want, it’s a need. I NEED to budget and plan meticulously. That’s the only way things are going to get done. >_<

Verbalizing my goal, I’ve realized; helps me keep track of where I’m going. It also allows folks that know what’s going on to hold me accountable, because they know how important it is to me to reach this goal. Money is always easier to save if you get a head start. It’s like cheating but will only work out if you know to value the opportunity. So this past weekend, I went to file my taxes. If calculations are correct, I should be getting a nice 4 figure tax return. Money is going to be allocated as follows:

1. Pay off immediate or late bills.
2. Get a set of 4 new tires, rotation and alignment.
3. Save up money for next Canton trip.

So let’s justify everything. Bills have to get paid. There’s no way around it. We’re all adults I sure hope there are not any minors reading my blog cuz I have a potty mouth. @___@;; and that means we have bills. Second is new tires. I haven’t gotten new tires in Lord knows how many years, and they are down to the bare bone. I’ve been pushing it off cuz I just don’t have like $500 to invest in some tires. Granted that it might not cost that much, but replacing all 4 at one time is a pain in the ass!! But this is not for looks but rather for safety, so there’s nothing to argue about here. I always have to take back roads on rainy days cuz its too dangerous to drive on the highway with my tires since there is almost no traction left. I might hydroplane, so I need new tires. That’s the end of that. Third allocation is the big boy. If any of you have ever traveled overseas, then you know. That shit is expensive!! And you can quote my ass on that! With that said, my last trip was NOT expensive to me because Kenny paid for almost everything! With everything calculated in there as if I were paying for it all. Ticket, hotel, food, travel, sightseeing, souvenirs, etc. We’re looking at about $4000 conservatively. Folks, I was only there for 8 days. That is approximately $500 a day in expenses. Yes we are talkin’ in U.S. dollars, stop looking at me like you’re confused. >_> Do you know how many cruise vacations or trips to Vegas or the Bahamas I could have paid with that? Needless to say, it is not the most economical travel. But there’s not many ways to get around it, mainly due to the distance. It’s just SO.DAMN.FAR. Why couldn’t the damn boy live in Florida? *FAILS*

In case ya’ll didn’t know, I am not raking in millions. True, I have a full time job, and I work my ass off at it, but I’m not getting compensated accordingly. Welcome to the real world right? #firstworldpains I’ve always been meaning to change jobs, but the timing is just never right. That’s not an excuse I just keep on recycling and using, its because I have a lot of things to consider, and the bulk of it is about me and Kenny. With this whole LDR thing going on, my time and schedule needs to be flexible. I can’t be strapped down by very strict scheduling or YTOs. Although my job is very shitty #nolie it does however have one advantage and that is, it’s convenient to ask for time off. Unless it is expo or trade show time, where its blackout period, every other time is fair game. In matter of fact, last time when I left for my trip, it was right before trade show time, yet I still made it back, and managed to do a great job at the show. Its all about how confident you are in your work. Considering me and Kenny’s future is still wide open right now, I NEED to have a flexible schedule where I can give short notice to the J-O-B, and just up and go. Ugh!! #firstworldpainsofaldr

Anyways, so today I was online browsing for plane tickets yes I know that everyone thinks I’m a slacker at work cuz I’m always doing some insignificant shit like this or blogging, well bite me! =P, because this is all about the planning and stickin’ with goals. Though it was tedious, I got quotes for all 12 months on random days. I  noticed that tickets are usually cheaper if you leave on an unpopular weekday like Wednesday. Cuz leaving and coming back on weekends, actually adds a hefty amount to your ticket costs. So after hours of research, here are my findings. (*Holds up a chart, chest poked out like I’m a proud 3rd grader presenting my project) =P

As you can see, there are some significant points to make. One, is that January’s ticket is expensive cuz we’re already in this month. So I am getting a very short notice quote and therefore it is understandably expensive. Second point to note is that I have some months bolded, and that’s cuz there’s a significant holiday/event for that month. January there’s New Years, too late for that though, it already passed. February is Valentine’s Day. March is Kenny’s birthday month. August is my birthday month. November is Thanksgiving, and although they don’t celebrate that over there, but I get a 4 day weekend, so that is 2 less YTO days I would have to request if I leave during that week. And of course, December is Christmas. The most expensive month is December. So guess that is out of the question. Technically it is weird cuz you would think you get a good deal if you buy your ticket way way in advance, but it doesn’t really work that way. If you buy your ticket TOO much in advance, it is more expensive. Experts say that a couple or a few months in advance means the best prices. By the looks of this chart, it seems that I’ll get the best deal in March through May, and then September and October, which is when I went back last year. March would be great cuz I would get to spend Kenny’s birthday with him. In matter of fact, that would be freakin’ awesome!! But I know that is unrealistic. I can only go back once this year, both due to work and finances, and March is right around the corner. I don’t think he can be prepared by then. I have a trade show to go to for a whole week in February, so that cuts out another week of prep time, so I don’t think I can make it for that one. Booo!!! With that said, May looks like a good time to go. Its inexpensive, and another concern is the weather. When I went back last year at the end of September into early October, it was HOT.AS.SHIT. over there!! Like no joke! It was just starting to cool off as I was leaving. #immensefail So I definitely can’t do that again. If I don’t go til October, its gonna have to be end of October, and not beginning. O’ and I almost forgot. Another significant date in November is me and Kenny’s anniversary!! Duh!!! Actually, now that I think of it. That seems like a good plan. It will give use 10 months to plan for stuff, and the price is still reasonable at $1386.69. I think last year I spent $1338? And I thought I got a pretty good deal. Now that I think about it, I think November is perfect. O___O;; (*Drools) Cuz I have days off for Thanksgiving, it’s the month of our anniversary, weather is cool during then, AND price is still reasonable. Cuz look what happens in December!! Price jumps like $700! WTF!! That effin’ robbery!! >_< I have to discuss this with Kenny. But from my first looks, I think November is a good time. Although I wish I could be there during our anniversary which unfortunately is towards the beginning of the month at the 11th. (*Runs to go check prices)

Ok, prices are not bad at all. I think this is doable. Honestly, Kenny confided in me that he really wants to be together meaning get hitched before my birthday, but I just don’t know with him in the financial situation he is in now, if that is a feasible idea. Honestly I am ok with it as long as it happens this year. Although I can’t even lie that it would be great if it was before I turned 30, and yes I am still in denial that that is going to happen in 7 months. X_____X;; Gomen. We’re just gonna have to see. But now that I have a ball park figure, I know I have to do some number crunching. Wish me luck folks! Goals shall be met this year!! Hoorah!!


Canton Trip 2011 Throwback: All Aboard!

MOOD: (Reminiscing)
Quote Of The Day: “There’s a possibility that I might actually like kids on the down low.” -Unnie

So since there was not too much to do at work today, I decided to organize my pictures again. Yes I can organize the same pics over and over again. #shuddup I was so relieved that I had already taken all these pics and stuff off my computer and put them on a portable hard drive, cuz had I lost these when my computer crashed, I think I would have cried myself to death. X_____X;; Sometimes we have nothing left but memories #thatwaspoetic and its so nice to be able to go back and look at old pictures. I browsed through the over 6GB of pics and videos that me and Kenny took when I went to Canton. I realized that I never posted up any of the videos! Lol. There is this really long video of me and Kenny rowing a boat at the Veterans Center Park, and its freakin’ hilarious! That’s when I realized that I am a really dramatic person. And the fact that I scream a lot. #dontjudgeme When reason A saw the video when I first came back, she was cracking the hell up. She asked me what I was screaming about, and I didn’t know!! I was just screaming cuz that’s what I do best! #hubbahubba It always cracks Kenny up. Lol. But without further ado. Here goes me in all my foolish glory! =P

Kenny: We’re gonna record this.
Kenny: I don’t think you have enough memory left on this card.
Me: Yes I do!
Kenny: It’ll only do a few minutes I think.
Me: Well I still have a 4GB one.
Kenny: Lets go see what they’re doing over there. (*Points to the right)
Me: Ok, let’s go be nosey!
Me: What are they doing? Singing traditional opera? O_o
Kenny: Hurry! Record this…
Me: WTH… -____-;;
Kenny: At least the scenery is nice!
Kenny: I hope you know I have a boat license.
(*WTF is a boat license… >_>)
Me: This is what not to do when you’re driving. (*Stares at boat in front)
Me: You see this? Stuck in the middle of a bridge!
Me: Not good…
Kenny: We’ll let them pass, they’re suck in there and can’t get out.
Me: (*Sigh) Lord save me, they are obviously incapable. >_>
Kenny: Hold on, let me move over.
Me: Auhh!! (*Faints*) Please don’t come near us!!
Me: Auhhhh!!! (*Crashes into oncoming boat)
Kenny: Why does it feel like we’re on a bus? -__-;;
Me: Help!! There’s traffic!
Kenny: See? No one can think and act faster than me. =)
Me: There’s traffic in the water. -___-;;
Me: Why the hell is that boat STILL stuck under the bridge? >_>
Kenny: Cuz he doesn’t know how to U turn. >_<
Kenny: He’s congesting the whole underpass.
Me: *FAINTS* It’s a traffic accident!
Me: (*Humming) Lets go!! Auhhh!! (*Random screams for no reason)
Me: (*More random humming)
Kenny: Here goes your driving test, see if you can go through the bridge.
Me: Auhh!! (*Screams cuz my boat’s sail hits bridge)
Kenny: (*Cracks up)
Me: Guess I’m most suitable driving something with wheels. @___@;;
Me: (*Throws up peace sign)
Kenny: Hold on a sec…
Me: (*Turns to look at camera, turns to look forward, etc.) I’m looking forward, I’m pretending to be cute, I’m lookin’ forward, I’m pretending to be cute!
Me: Auhhhh!!! (*Random screams for no reason again >_>)
Kenny: Woman, stop screaming. We’re only going 3 miles per hour. -_____-;;
Me: But its so dangerous and exciting! (*WTF was I talkin’ about??)
Kenny: Speak English so your viewers can understand what’s going on
Me: This is me driving a boat. O___O;; (*pause) Auhhhh!!! (*Screams to camera)
Kenny: ROFL!!!
Me: Today, Juse is going to narrate this for you!
Kenny: You should do it in English. >_> Its harder to get famous if you narrate it in Chinese. XD
Kenny: (*In a sorry attempt to speak English) Speak English!
Me: So here we are, in this beautiful “don’t know” and we’re gonna go under this little bridge, see, this bridge. Auhhh!!!
(*We crash again… Thanks to me. T_____T;;)
Kenny: ROFLMAO!!
Me: Crap!! I gotta reverse!
Kenny: Here we go again… Com’on!
Me: Ok, so we obviously had a little bit of a problem right there. >_>
Kenny: LOL!!

OMFG. See how retarded I am?? I lost count of how many times I randomly screamed for no damn reason. Ahahaha!! Kenny turned to look at me and was like “You’re a screamer….” (*Gives me pervy look) Ahaha!! Oh dear. O___O;; But this was one of my favorite videos from the trip. We had a lot of fun in the park, and it wasn’t too hot that day, thank God. >_<

I really miss Canton and super miss Kenny!! Even though our trip was only 8 days. I totally fell in love with Canton, and can’t wait til I visit again but OMFG it cannot be in that heat anymore. X_____X;; I think I have a couple of more videos. I might post them later. >_>


And That is That, PERIOD. + Sleep Texting

MOOD: (Sleepy)
Quote Of The Day: “Easy reading is damn hard writing.” -Nathaniel Hawthorne

Ok, before I start on my post, any male readers I have, you are forewarned about this post because it will be about girly shit. #period So either skip this post or read if you are curious which I know most of you are secretly, but at the same time find this topic completely disgusting. >_> So I don’t know if this is true for everyone else, but my mood, affects my punctuation. Yes I am retarded and choose to call it “punctuation” instead of “period”. #dontjudgeme So since my last week was really traumatic, I already knew my punctuation would be thrown off schedule. The point of this post is not even to let the whole world know that my punctuation is off course, but to impose a question.

So does your BF or hubby know your punctuation schedule by heart? Cuz how about Kenny does. I always thought it was the weirdest thing. In matter of fact, he keeps better track of it than I do. #fml. He always tells me like a few days before it starts that I need to stop drinking cold water, and to make sure I keep warm and stuff so that I don’t cramp up that bad. It’s like an aww moment, but at the same time, it’s like WTF, why do you know more than me when I’m the one bleeding? Lol! I do have to say, in this aspect, he’s really considerate. And he’s totally hubby material. But it’s just weird to me that he knows my schedule. T_______T;; I remember a long time ago, when he initially found out. I felt shy about it cuz, well, I am a girl!! Gosh! (*Hides behind Mr. Teddy) But he didn’t think nothing of it!! He was like “There’s nothing wrong with me knowing. I’m your hubby, I should help you keep track of this stuff!” WTF? O_o In actuality, I know the reason why he’s so “interested” in my days, its cuz he wants to get me pregnant. Ahaha!! #truth He LOVES babies SO MUCH, that he can’t wait to have kids, and I know that’s the reason he always asks me about my punctuation. #daddydreams At night, he use to rub my tummy and say “This is where my baby is going to grow.” Ahaha!! WTF!!

So of course just like I had thought, my punctuation was late this month probably due to stress. A couple of days off, I can deal with that, but dude! It was like 5 days late! #fmltothefullest And I was getting worried too, cuz you know women have to guard that like their lives. Lol. But how about everyday Kenny would ask me if it came or not, and I’d be like no, and he’d be like >_>. So by day 4, he was like “Do I need to take you to the doctor??” Lol!! Why are you getting anxious?? No I’m not pregnant. Get your shit together. How long have I been back already? (*Pets him). I need him to stop trying to conspire against me. Lol… So do all BFs keep track of this shit? O_o I’m just curious. #concerned

Last night I was sleep texting with Runa. I was so knocked out from staying up past midnight the night before watching the Spring Festival Gala, which sucked Chinese fish balls this year. They must be cutting back. T_____T;; But anywho’s so I was super knocked out. Apparently I can have full blown conversations as I am sleeping and not even know it. Then I ended up having some odd dream about stealing someone’s specifically some Russian girl’s red plastic bird toy that was really a bluetooth headset #wtf, then I  woke up to the reality that I had to get up for work. Nooooo!! Its gonna be a long day. I’m about to pass out. X______X;;

Meet The Yang Clan. Aka The In-Laws

MOOD: (Say What?)
Quote Of The Day: “Hi Sister-in-law!! I’m YC! I’m Kenny’s brother! I’m pretty lovable! *Hiccup*” -YC

So despite the fact that its only noon, I think the significance of this morning’s experience is deserving of its own post. Like. Right. Now. Lol. So Kenny is back in Canton. He actually got back last night (my time). I had forgot to log off of messenger at work, and so he saw me online and started messaging me but I didn’t respond obviously cuz I wasn’t really online, just forgot to log off. Ella is still acting up at home, so I didn’t get online after I got home either. Since things are back to normal, he called this morning to wake me up for work. The second I picked up, I thought he was on the street. Like if you could honestly hear the background sound, you would be like WTF! Cuz it was SO DAMN NOISEY! @___@;; But come to find out he was in his livingroom. *FAILS* Since it is still the mist of New Years celebrations over there, his whole family had gathered at his house to celebrate New Years! There must have been like 50 or more people there! There were adults laughing, kids screaming, it was like one huge riot! #panicattack I do admit, at first impression, it felt really warm and fun. I’ve never had a big family, or been to a big family gathering like that so I wouldn’t know what that feels like, but it sure sounded like fun! He told me everyone was drinking and eating and just having a jolly ol’time. I do have to say, I envied such a large family at the time, and wish I could be there. Kenny had a few drinks #ofcourse and said I should say my New Years greetings to the family. Nooooz!!! I just woke up and I have the husky lumberjack voice going on!! Why would you put your family on the phone with me sounding like that?? Auhh!!! He said its ok, its not like everyone doesn’t know me already. *FAILS*

So he Granny on the phone. Of course elders first, so I wished her a Happy New Year and Granny is a little hard of hearing but I think she got the just of it. Lol. Then of course, Kenny put Auntie on the phone. Though he has a ton of Aunties, this is DEFINITELY his favorite one #handsdown I admit, she’s super nice. I totally see why she’s his favorite. When I went to Canton to visit, he told me its ok if I don’t see anyone else in the family but I HAVE TO meet her. He knows I’m shy when it comes to meeting people for the first time, and we had the talk before about me having to meet his whole family and how the thought of it makes me have a panic attack, so he figured if nothing else, at least I need to meet Auntie. Fine. I was really freaked out. It was just as nerve wrecking as meeting the parents. He’s closer to his Auntie than he is his Mom. O____O;; *GULPS* But when I went to Canton, she was really nice to me. She took us out for dinner, took me out shopping, and bought me a bunch of stuffers. She was really warm and inviting! I totally felt close to her! I think I left a pretty good impression on Auntie too. Kenny kept telling me that later she told him over the phone how great a girl I am, and that he needs to make sure he holds on to me for dear life. Ahaha! So of course, Kenny hands Auntie the phone. She yells out “Sandy! Happy New Year!” I said “Hi Auntie!! Happy New Year to you too!!” Then we gave each other our best wishes, and chatted a little about the weather and stuff. She said “Its super lively and fun here!! The only person that we’re missing is you!” I was like “Aww…” Auntie is so sweet. Lol. Then she put her daughter on the phone!! Which would be Kenny’s little cousin I believe I absolutely suck at figuring out family relations and what you call everybody! >_< Cuz all youngin’s are suppose to wish elders a Happy New Year and then I’m suppose to give her money which thank God I don’t have to cuz I’m not there I could hear Auntie in the background telling her daughter to talk to me. Auntie said “You would call her sis. Say Hi Sis! And tell her Happy New Year!” I think she’s about  3 or 4 years old now? She’s so cute. She spoke Mandarin surprisingly well actually. Lol. She was like “Hi Sis!!” All super loud. Lol! But then it was so loud in the background, I said some stuff to her but I think I talked too fast, and she didn’t catch all of it. *FAILS* So then Auntie told me she must be shy and we laughed and she handed the phone back to Kenny, but before Kenny got to say anything, I hear a random dude’s voice on the phone. He snatched the phone and was like “Hi Sister-in-law!! I’m YC! I’m Kenny’s brother! I’m pretty lovable! *Hiccup*” Ahaha!!! I was totally cracking the hell up!! He obviously was drunk, and this is like the 3rd time he’s tried to snatch the phone when me and Kenny happen to be on the phone, but the past two times he wasn’t successful, guess he’s more nimble when he’s drunk. #watchmedothis And I was just like “Hi!! *Giggles*” And then I hear Kenny smack him, pushed him to the side, and is like “Move out the damn way, Aiya!” Lol!! I was crackin’ up so hard. Then Kenny said, “Don’t mind him, he’s drunk as hell.” ROFLMAO!! #chinesealcoholics I was so nervous! I didn’t know if someone else was gonna jump on the phone and all I could hear were the kids screaming at the top of their lungs in the background! OMFG. #wringstheirnecks Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed. So then he told me he’d talk to me later when I get to work, so we hung up. Whew!! *Exhales*

So after we hung up, I got ready for work and headed out. During my long drive, I did a lot of thinking. Mostly it was about our future together. I started to get a little worried. Let’s talk about these issues. First, for all of you who don’t know which I don’t know why you wouldn’t if you know me in person it’s just me and reason A. Yup. We have a family that consists of 2 people. I do have cousins and an Aunt in Georgia, but we don’t have much contact with them. They’re shady anyways. We also have some family out west in Cali and Nevada, but of course; we don’t have any contact with them either. As for the remainder of my family, I have cousins in France and my Uncle in China. That’s about it. Even if we were all together, it’s not that many people. I’d say like 20 or so I guess? Since I was never close with them, I never really learned how to deal with large families, how to get along with them or how to interact with them. I don’t even have siblings! I admit that I’m a hermit of some sort and my social skills are very limited. I am a great talker after you know me, but I am slow to warm up and get close so I don’t give very good first impressions. Secondly I have very minimal interaction with Chinese folks. The only Chinese people I actually know are my relatives, a few friends online and that’s about it. It’s a totally different culture and a different way of interacting. I am physically Chinese, but I am mentally American; and to me, that’s always been a barrier when it comes to interacting with my own folks. So to sum it up, there are 2 things I am deathly afraid of. Large families. Tons of Chinese folks. So a large family of Chinese folks = DEATH.OF.JUSE. X____X;;

What I am really scared of is if me and reason A will be able to “blend” or “mingle” with his family!! If we eventually become one big family, then how in the world will I deal with all these people?? I am terrified just thinking about it! I know reason A is as anti-social as they come, is she just gonna sit in a corner and mumble under her breath until someone ticks her off to the point of eruption?? #bitesfingernails I also don’t know how to deal with it!! A bunch of Chinese people, drinking and laughing and speaking a language which I can only understand to a certain extent cuz they all speak Cantonese is scary!!! Auhhhh!!! If I have a socially awkward moment, what will his family think of me?? Will they think I’m the odd ball? Will they think I’m being stuck up cuz I’m not talking? Will they think I’m hard to get along with?? Auhhhh!!! I don’t know how to deal with it!! >_< #chokesonair

Second concern was that Kenny was really happy today. I could tell that he really enjoyed himself, and the company of his family. Why is that a concern you ask? Cuz if we are together, he won’t have that anymore. He’ll come here and be lonely with me. I don’t want him to be miserable. He grew up in such a warm and loving environment, and I could give him all the lovin’ in the world as a wife but you cannot replace his whole family. His holidays will be quiet and boring like most of mine are, instead of the fun and family filled ones he’s having now. He’s always been around this type of environment, and I’m not sure he would like or even know how to deal with not being able to be with them around holidays such as this. >_< I feel guilty depriving him of that. I feel that being with him is a selfish act. I know I’m not forcing him into any of this, and he wants to be with me because he loves me, but I just don’t know. Giving up family is not like giving up other stuff. Like a hobby or even a friend. Its family!! Its blood!! He won’t be able to see them often, he might go years at a time without seeing them, depending on our financial situation!! What is he gonna do?? I am genuinely worried. If he wasn’t close with his family, like me, then I wouldn’t even think twice about it, but he’s super close with his family, and the more I see them together and happy the more worried I get that leaving them will be devastating for him. #firstworldproblemsofwifeytobe

Today Kenny had a lot to drink. And it wasn’t the usual beer or wine, it was some hard liquor this time. During Chinese New Years, Chinese people love to drink. They drink to all best wishes for the New Year. If someone offers their best wishes to you, you have to drink to that or it’s considered unlucky. Which makes sense right? If someone wishes you good fortune, would you not drink to that? That’s like you are rejecting their wishes! So he said today he was the center of attention. Everyone was teasing him about me. And using me as an excuse to get him drunk. He said he didn’t know how to decline, cuz of the stuff they said. They would say things like “Best wishes to you and Sandy this year!” or “I hope you and Sandy finally get to be together this year!!” or “Hope you and Sandy have a happy future together!”, so all he could say is “Yes, thank you!” And bottoms up. Lol!! Poor baby. (*Pets my Pookie Bear) XD I think they genuinely are pulling for me and him to be together this year cuz now that he’s finally met someone stable, and I guess Auntie has told them about me and that I’m a nice girl #braggingrights They are truly happy for him. He said he just wanted to take in all the good wishes and use that as motivation! I was like awww. But a little bit of me also felt bad and uncomfortable. It’s hard to explain.

Me and Kenny of course have talked about our future. I admit that we often skip over the details or the “unfun” parts, but its only nature I guess. We always avoid the conversation about meticulous details and procedures that we have to take in order to be together. People that know me know that I HATE kids with a raging passion. I am not a kid person, and I am not afraid to show it. Sure, babies dressed up in adorable little outfits are cute, and I love browsing through the baby clothes aisles when I’m shopping, but in all reality, I.CAN’T.STAND.KIDS. reason A always told me that I will like them if they are mine, and it is not uncommon to not like other’s kids but totally adore your own. I suppose that is so, but I didn’t really believe it too much. After being with Kenny, I’ve thought about it more and more. Maybe reason A was right. If you asked me right now, if I would want to have kids, my answer without question would be yes. I would love to have Kenny and only Kenny’s kids. Kenny on the other hand, ADORES children and has always been vocal about it. I knew that from day one. But I didn’t realize how much he liked kids until I went to go visit him. As he was takin’ pics of scenery and stuff, he would randomly take pics of cute babies!! WTF!! Just random babies we see on the street! Can you believe that?? He would think that they were so adorable that he had to get a picture. Lol. Then one night as we were walkin’ through a park, he saw a few kids about 3 or 4 years old kicking around a soccer ball, and he decided to join them!! I sat on the park bench and watched them play together for over an hour! He was having so much fun with the kids, you would have thought he was their age! His face just lights up when he sees kids on the street. He always talks about how he can’t wait to have kids and we always think up scenarios of how crazy and hard to juggle it will be when we become parents, and that’s all super funny and dandy, but today when I heard his little cousins, and his nephew screaming in the background, I felt my head pounding. -____-;; I was reminded at that moment that I hate kids. >_> #shutthef@ckup We always imagined our future little family to be with two kids and a humble little home that we call our own.

This is a picture that I want to paint, I’m just not sure about how to go about it.

All these things worry me about our future. This year is going to be such a turning point for us. I feel my insecurities that I was once drowning in, coming back to haunt me. I was so happy to see him that happy, but at the same time, I wonder what is really worth giving up all that happiness for? Am I worth giving up all that happiness for? #insecurities101

Chinese New Years Pt. Dos + Ella No Bueno + Hubby Withdrawal

MOOD: (Bloated)
Quote Of The Day: “Haha, love your blogs. Its always so angry, and its not like anyone provoked you, you just attack air. Lol.” -Lili

Annnnd the celebration continues with Chinese New Years. Lol. We had hot pot yesterday, and the day before that we had fish, and the day before that reason A made Chestnut Chicken. We’re just having shit all out of order. On New Years Eve, we’re supposed to have dumplings. But since reason A makes dumplings like no one’s business, its no longer specially so we don’t have it for a special occasion. Lol!! Today we are having hot pot round 2! Ya’ll just don’t know but hot pot is the bee’s knees! That is the lamest phrase I have ever heard, but since everyone uses it, I thought I’d use it too. Hot pot is super good when the weather is really cold outside. Cuz you literally are eating out of a boiling pot of soup so if its hot outside already then you’re just asking for a heat stroke. Lol.

Unfortunately I feel like ass today. #firstworldpainsofwomen And I’m crampin’ up like a mofo. The fact that the damn rain hasn’t let up is not helping either. It just puts me in a grouchy mood with that and my cramping. Blah! The only good thing I have to look forward to right now is hot pot for dinner. Woohoo!!

So an update on Ella. She died again last night. Ugh!! Somehow I can’t prevent the damn computer from updating! WTH is wrong with you?? So it works good until it automatically updates, and then it jacks up again. #igivetheeffup It really is time for a new computer. T______T;; #laptophereicome

So this whole week, Kenny has been out of town. He always goes out of town during New Years, because he has a lot of relatives scattered around Canton. And around New Years, he has to go visit everyone on behalf of his immediate family to wish them Happy New Years. #verychinese This year is even worse, cuz he had to help his brother out at the expo. So I didn’t talk to him that much all last week. Not much is actually an hour a day on the phone. Shuddup. >_> But I’m so freakin’ happy he’s finally going back to Canton tomorrow. Woohoo!! That means everything goes back to normal for me. Kenny is my morning call and I’m so use to it, that I feel like my mornings get thrown off course, when I don’t talk to him first thing in the morning. Boooo!!! He’s been calling me every day after he gets home #brothershome And that’s always about midnight or one a.m. He didn’t call at all today, and I got a little worried, but he just called a sec ago #nowhis3am. Cuz he fell asleep since he was drunk. #newyearsfail He’s a light drinker, so if he drank like everyone else, he’d end up under the table in no time. Ahahaha!! I shouldn’t be laughing cuz I get tispy after 3 drinks. >_>  So he called me and told me this was his 3rd attempt at calling me cuz every time he tries to call me, he falls asleep, and then wakes up with his phone in his hand, and realizes that he never made the call! *SUPER FAILS* Ahaha!! Poor baby. (*Pets him) So I told him to go back to sleep. He’ll call me when he gets back home tomorrow. Yays! #hubbywithdrawal

After work today I have to go to Chinatown to buy some really Chinese things for reason A, and I HATE going there. I hate the sight of my own folks. They make me freakin’ sick. I also have to go pick up a copy of the Spring Festival Gala on DVD for her. Well for me too, cuz I do like watching it. It’s basically the show they put on once a year with a ton of celebrities celebrating the New Year. Kenny hates watching it, cuz its filled with Northerners, and he’s a Southerner. Why the hell do we get along? I have no clue. >_> Ugh. I don’t wanna go. I feel like asswipe. T_______T;;

Happy Chinese New Year!

MOOD: (Happy New Year)
Quote Of The Day: “Happy New Year Honey!!” -Kenny

Happy Chinese New Year folks! For those of you who don’t have a clue, today is Chinese New Year’s Eve. Arguably one of the most important holidays to Chinese folks all around the other one would be Mid-Autumn Festival. So this post is going to be divided into 3 parts. Lets get started:

Dummies Version of Chinese New Years
So Chinese New Years is based on the Lunar calendar, and has been celebrated by the Chinese culture for thousands of years. Since it is based on the lunar calendar, that means that the actual “date” of the holiday varies every year, depending on the moon, but usually falls within the months of January and February. For example, since tomorrow is Chinese New Years Day, that means according to the lunar calendar, tomorrow is January 1st. Get it? If you don’t I refuse to explain it again. T_____T;; This holiday is also known as the Spring Festival #literaltranslation There are 12 Chinese zodiac signs, each one comes around every 12 years. So this year is the year of the dragon. To find out the other years for the dragon, you would simply continue to add or subtract by 12. For those of you who can’t count, here they are already calculated for you. 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024. Anything else, calculate that shit yourself. If you were born in any of these years, then this is your year. According to Chinese tradition, when it is your year, then you’re suppose to wear red underwear for good luck. Do not ask me if you have to wear it for one year or just new year’s day. I have no damn clue. I personally need to stay away from these folks, cuz Dogs and Dragons don’t get along, and its not even a myth, cuz me and my baby cousin DO NOT get along, we are about to kill each other every time we’re in the same room together and he’s a dragon. T________T;; So if you know someone who is Chinese, or who celebrates the Lunar New Year, do wish them a Happy New Year! Lol. Usually we celebrate this holiday for 15 days straight. China still does, but of course being in the U.S. where we don’t get this holiday off, we’ll settle for the one day of celebration. Lol. This means good eats and great treats! Woohoo!!

Best Wishes For The New Year
Usually on Chinese New Years, we have new years sayings. Like Merry Christmas on Christmas or something. But unbeknownst to many, we have different sayings depending on the year we are celebrating. Confused folks think on new years the only thing you say is “Gong Xi Fa Cai” or “Gong Hay Fat Choy”, depending on your dialect. But there are many phrases we say that has the actual “animal” name in there for new years. Here are some examples for this year:

Of course there are hundreds more. I refuse to write all those. >_>  The circled character is the simplified Chinese character for “dragon”. Also, there are 2 forms of written Chinese. Simplified and Traditional. I can’t believe I am essentially teaching Chinese history here, WTF. >_>. But it is exactly as it sounds. The simplified version is more simple, has less strokes, and has only been around for the past 60 or 70 years, the traditional has been around forever. Simplified is used in Mainland China now, and Traditional is used in Hong Kong, Taiwan and wherever else that they fancy. Although I can’t really read or write traditional, nor do I much care for it. One thing I do have to say, is the one character I absolutely adore to be written in Traditional instead of Simplified, is the character for “dragon”. Lets take a look why.

As you can see, the visual appeal is significant. Think the traditional is more breathtaking. Lol. #nobias.

Juse’s New Year Pet Peeve
I voice this pet peeve every year during Chinese New Years, and that is, that the holiday is called “Chinese New Year”. Please do not call it anything else other than that. Although I will accept Lunar New Year, because that is politically correct. But do not call it (Insert Random Asian Country Name Here) New Years. I understand multiple Asian cultures celebrate it, and that’s great, but do not change the damn name of the holiday! If you go look up the United Nations website, according to the United Nations, this holiday is not called “Asian New Years” or (Insert Random Asian Country Name Here) New Years, it is called “Chinese New Years”! Go to any store that sells calendars, or planners, and flip through it to see what it says in the calendar or planner. It lists tomorrow as “Chinese New Year”! I’m not saying that because I’m Chinese and I am bias. I’m saying it because Chinese people were the ones that first celebrated this holiday therefore it was named after the Chinese culture. So get over it! The damn country has been around for over 5000 years, so they were celebrating it way before many other Asian countries came about! So stop changing the damn name of it! Ok… I’ll get of my soapbox now. Lol.

If you would like to know more about Chinese New Year because the history of it is super long and I just don’t have the damn patience to tell you, then please Google. Lol! Happy Chinese New Years folks!! XD